7 June 2022 was a long awaited and memorable day in the annals of Rosa Mystica Novitiate, Kinnikambla. 19 Pre-novices belonging to Mangalore, Bangalore, Southern, Western, Northern and Eastern Provinces were initiated into the Novitiate by Sr Cicilia Mendonca, the Provincial Superior of Mangalore Province. Sr Sahana, the Provincial Superior of Bangalore Province, Sr Priya Rose, the Assistant Provincial Superior of Southern Province, Sr Shalet Mendonca, the Provincial Councillor of Western Province, Sr Leera Maria the Superior of Rosa Mystica community, the sisters of the community, Sr Monica Dung Dung candidate directress and the candidates were present on this joyful occasion. Clad in spotless white, with an ardent longing to walk the way of their beloved the 19 pre-novices entered the portals of the power house to begin their spiritual journey. Like the virgins in the Gospel they entered the house of the Lord with lighted diyas in their hands, to the rhythm of Bethany Anthem sung by the choir.

Sr Cicilia Mendonca, the Provincial Superior of Mangalore Province initiated them into the Novitiate. Sr Sahana the Provincial Superior of Bangalore Province broke the Word of God inviting them to abide in the Lord in order to bear lasting fruit in the vineyard of the Lord. They were called by their religious names and given the rule book of life and the cross of Christ which is their inseparable companion on their transformative journey.

There was a short felicitation programme arranged by the second-year novices with a meaningful presentation ‘A Transformative Journey towards Christ’. The new entrants are deeply grateful to Sr Rose Celine the Superior General and the General Councillors, Sr Preethi Prathima, the Novice Directress, Sr Lilitta and Sr Priyadarsini her assistants who will be journeying with them closely during the coming two years.

News by: Sr Priyadharsini BS,Assistant Novice Directress,Rosa Mystica Novitiate

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