St Joseph, Father and Protector of Bethany

Patron of Central Delegation

June 1st 2023 was a significant day in the annals of the Congregation. Sr Shaila the Administrator of Bethany for the past one year was installed officially as the Central Delegation Superior by Sr Rose Celine BS, the Superior General during a prayer hour in the Mother House Chapel. Sr Dona Sanctis and Sr Lourdes were appointed as her first and the second councillors respectively. The sisters of the Generalate, the Mother House and Nazareth Home, Bajpe including the newly initiated prayer ministry sisters were present on the occasion.



Members of Central Delegation

The discerning leadership of the Congregation realised the necessity of smaller units for personal care of the Sisters and effective governance. Under the leadership of Mother Macrina, on February 22, 1970 five regions such as Mangalore, Bangalore, Belgaum, Punjab and Assam were formed. Central Region was formed consisting of Bethany Mother House, Rosa Mystica Convent, Formation Houses, other common houses and transit houses and houses in Rome and Germany and placed directly under the Superior General. In the year 1980, the five Regions were reorganized into three Regions managed by the Regional Superiors and Central Region was directly under the Superior General. The houses under the Central Administration were categorized into two groups for easy animation of the communities. The Mother House Community and formation House community at Rosa Mystica were placed under a coordinator known as the Administrator. The houses in Rome, Germany and Formation units were directly under the Superior General.

Central Administration (1986-1997)
Following the principle of decentralization, the XI General Chapter held in 1986 mandated the re-constitution of Regions into three Provinces and two Vice-Provinces. Bethany Mother House, Rosa Mystica Convent and Novitiate, Pre-Novitiate at Bajpe and houses in Europe were placed under Central Administration, governed directly by the Superior General. The barren land of Siddakatte was transformed into an income generating rubber estate by the diligent labour of Sr Medela BS, the then Procurator General, and placed under the Central Administration. A transit house was set up at Mahim, Mumbai on June 6, 1990 to facilitate the travel and accommodation of the Sisters going abroad. These houses were placed under the Central Administration.

Central Delegation (1997-2008)
Till 2003 there was Central Administration Chapter which was held in Bethany Mother House itself, represented by the elected delegates as per the ratio prescribed. During this period the Central Administration was headed by two successive Superiors General namely Sr Agnella, and Sr Jyoti, which consisted of Delegation Abroad, Novitiate at Rosa Mystica, Pre-Novitiate at Bajpe and the houses under Central Delegation.

Mother Macrina

Sr Lilitta B.S.

Sr Theresine B.S.
Delegation Superior
Sr Lillis B.S.
Delegation Superior
Sr Cleopha B.S.
Sr Shaila B.S.


In 2001 the communities at Mahim and in 2006, the community at Siddakatte were brought under Bangalore and Mangalore Provinces respectively. Rosa Mystica Convent, Rosa Mystica Novitiate and the educational institutes were placed under Mangalore Province in 2008. Central Delegation was disbanded.
The Mother House, common Tertiate and the Juniorate programmes were managed by the Superior General with the assistance of a General Councillor as the contact person and co-ordinator of formation. The mission that began in Tanzania, East Africa in the year 2013, was erected as Tanzania Delegation, on December 8, 2017. Under the guidance of the Superior General, the Delegation Superiors govern their respective Delelgations. Presently the Central Delegation consists of Bethany Mother House and Nazareth Home, Bajpe.

Central Administration (2017--2023)
Sr Cleopha was the Administrator from 2017-2022. Sr Shaila was the Administrator of the Mother House and Nazareth Home from 14 June 2022 – 31 May 2023. She was installed as Delegation Superior on 1 June 2003

Central Administration Team- Administrator

  • Mother Macrina (1986-1993)
  • Sr Lilitta (June 1993 to 31 May 1997)
    Councillors: 1. Sr Rose Celine 2. Sr Cicilia Mendonca
  • Sr Cleopha – 2017-2022
  • Sr Shaila -2022-2023

Central Delegation Team - Delegation Superior

  • Sr Theresine: (01 June 1997 to 31 June 2005)
    Councillors: 1. Sr Anseline 2. Sr Sharon 3. Sr Concetta
  • Sr Lillis (01 June 2005 to 05 June 2008)
    Councillors: 1. Sr Dona Sanctis 2. Sr Marie Ange 3. Sr Gracy Monica
  • Sr Shaila (2023 -
    Councillors: 1. Sr Dona Sanctis 2. Sr Lourdes

Institutions under Central Delegation

  1. St Theresa’s School (CISCE) Bendur, Mangalore
  2. St Sebastian Higher Primary School (Kannada Medium)
  3. St Joseph’s High School (Kannada Medium)
  4. St Joseph’s Higher Primary School (Kannada Medium)



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