The Novitiate in its real meaning is the beginning of a spiritual journey in religious life and of a new and renewed ‘yes’ to God. Thus it is the beginning of a process of surrender to the Lord that will continue all through one’s life (Const. 79).

Goal: The Novice grows into the knowledge of and intimacy with Jesus, through a process of inner transformation leading her to make a whole hearted commitment to Jesus through the evangelical counsels as the handmaid of the Lord for God’s work according to the Charism and Spirituality of the Congregation


  1. To live one’s spiritual journey on the foundation of Trinitarian Spirituality
  2. To grow in prayer and personal attachment to the person of Jesus Christ
  3. To imbibe the Charism and Spirituality of Bethany, and to develop an identity of a Bethany Sister as the handmaid of the Lord in faith-surrender
  4. To understand and live the essential elements of consecrated life, steadily leading to a religious commitment through the community
  5. To develop personal maturity, and to appreciate one’s womanhood and grow in interpersonal relationships
  6. To familiarize and participate in the mission of the Church and the Congregation with compassionate love for the poor















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