The long-awaited day dawned for the 9 Pre- Novices from Northern, Eastern, Bangalore, and Southern Provinces who were initiated to the Novitiate on 7 June 2024 at Rosa Mystica, Novitiate Kinnikambla. They were welcomed into the portals of the Novitiate chapel by Sr Sonia Dias the Novice Directress. Sr Lilly Pereira the Provincial Superior of Mangalore Province initiated them into the Novitiate formation in the presence of Sr Erasma the Provincial Superior of Northern Province, Sr Jessy Maria the Provincial Superior of Eastern Province, Sr Sahana the Provincial superior of Bangalore Province, Sr Leena Pereira the Superior of the community, and the sisters from the community. Sr Sahana broke the Word of God and shared her reflections, inviting them to love Jesus passionately and to keep Bible for their guide in all the moments of their life. The presenting of the cross and the book of Constitutions by Sr Lilly Pereira assured them of the continual companionship of Jesus, spirit of our Founder and the prayerful support of Bethany family.
The initiation prayer was followed by a felicitation programme organized by the senior novices during which they were greeted and wished well for their spiritual journey. The senior novices beautifully enumerated their experience with a short skit “In search of God”, to be transformed unto the likeness of Jesus. Sr Lilly Pereira in her concluding address reminded them to avail their total self during the formation process and find the joy of belonging to their beloved forever and to take Mother Mary as their model in their formation.

The Novices expressed their deep gratitude to Sr Rose Celine the Superior General and her team, Provincial Superiors and their teams and for their past and present formators.

News by:Sr Savitha, Asst Novice Directress,Rosa Mystica Novitiate

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