The Temporary Profession of 4 newly vested Novices viz Sr Lourdh Dinisha, Sr Laphi Behera, Sr Monisha Mary D’souza and Sr Selita Sharmila D’souza of Rosa Mystica Novitiate, Kinnikambla, took place on the 22nd of April 2024, at 10 am with the Eucharistic Celebration. Rev Msgr Maxim Noronha, the Vicar General of Mangalore Diocese officiated the Eucharistic celebration, concelebrated by Fr Reginald OP, Fr Jomin MI, CamillianFather and Fr Jay Prakash Parish Priest of Ranipura Parish.

The Provincial Superiors namely Sr Cicilia Mendonca of Mangalore Province, Sr Sahana of Bangalore Province and Sr Judy Varghese of Southern Province were present. Sr Cicilia Mendonca of Mangalore Province received the vows during the Eucharistic celebration and the newly professed Sisters were officially received in the Congregation of the Sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany. A short felicitation Program was organized and the new sisters were felicitated by their respective Provincial Superiors, the parents, the family members and the sisters gathered for the purpose. The hard labor of Sr Sonia the Novice Directress and her assistant Sr Lilitta and all who helped them along with the sacrifices made by their parents was duly recognized by the Provincial Superiors by honouring them with the shawls. One of the newly professed profusely thanked Sr. Rose Celine the Superior General and her Councillors for their prayerful support and blessings. They also expressed their heartfelt thanks to their Provincial Superiors, vocation promoters, directresses and their parents for their encouragement and blessings. All present greeted the newly professed. A sumptuous meal was served to mark the event and all enjoyed the day. Bethany Congregation rejoices with the newly professed sisters and wishes them well.

News by:Sr.Lilitta BS, Assistant Novice Directress, Rosa Mystica Novitiate












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