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Dandeli comes from the word ‘Dandakaranya’  a thick forest situated on the banks of river Kali in Uttara Kannada Dist. There is a legend that the Pandavas lived in Dandeli during their exile period. It is in this forest area that St Michael’s Convent and the school existed. People in Dandeli are predominantly factory workers. To render service to the people of these area Sisters began their pastoral ministry and teaching apostolate in the year 1962 at St Michael’s Convent, Dandeli Town. In the year 1975, the High School building was completed, hence classes VIII to X were shifted from Dandeli to Ambewadi. All these years Sisters were travelling from Dandeli to Ambewadi to teach in the High School which is at a distance of 2 km from Dandeli. Due to lack of travelling facilities it was difficult for the sisters to attend to their classes on time. Hence the need was felt for a residence /convent closer to the school at Ambewadi.
Considering the distance and need of Sisters, permission was sought from the Bishop Rt. Rev. William L. D’ Mello, to occupy a newly constructed house belonging to Mr M Dias on rent. The sisters took up residence in that house from 27 May 1994. Thus a new community was carved out from St Michael’s Convent, Dandeli.  This newly opened convent was named temporarily as ‘Little Flower Cottage’ at Nirmal Nagar, Ambewadi. Rev. Sr Felicia, the   Provincial Superior, and Sr Prima, her Councillor were also present on the occasion of opening this new community. On 1 June 1994, Sr Agnella, the then Superior General, inaugurated the new convent building next to the school compound at Ambewadi and Rt. Rev. William D’ Mello, the Bishop of Karwar blessed the building.
The first Community members at Ambewadi as on June 1, 1994
Sr Auxilium       - Superior of the newly formed community
Sr Pierine BS     - Member
Sr Simon           - Member
Sr Biana            - Member
Sr Christine       - Member

Education: All the sisters were actively involved in teaching apostolate in the High School. Surrounded by thick forests, the weather over here was extremely cold and windy. With new enthusiasm and vigor sisters rendered selfless service to the students and people of the locality. Under the direction and administration of Fr J Koimma the school was functioning smoothly and gained the appreciation and recognition from the public of the area.
Pastoral Work: Along with teaching activities, Sisters engaged themselves in pastoral care. They visited the local families regularly and encouraged the children and adults to attend the liturgical celebrations in the Church.  They were taught Catechism and motivated to pray the rosary and family prayers in their own homes.  The simple folk of Dandeli responded favorably to the guidance of the Sisters. Sisters spent their time after school in conducting   prayer meetings in houses, visiting families and praying with the sick.

The following sisters served as Superiors :
Sr M Auxilium       -1995- 1998
Sr M Linda            -1998- 2004
Sr M Freeda BS     -2004- 2010
Sr M Christine        -2010- 2013
Sr M Renita Pinto    -2013-   
Over the years sisters continued the mission of the pioneers. Sisters are fully engaged in educational and   pastoral apostolate, carrying out their mission for the good and welfare of the people and for the greater glory of God.

Year of establishment: 01.06.1994

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