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Bethany began spreading its branches in the state of Maharashtra, especially in the Vasai Diocese. The arrival of Bethany Sisters in Vasai on 01.10.87 was indeed remarkable. Amidst all odds and struggles, Bethany took its root in a rented house called “Ish Kripa” building. The pioneers the Vasai Mission were:

1.Sr Laeta             :Sister in-Charge
2.Sr Grace Maria   :Lecturer in Panvel Mission
3.Sr Noreen           :Member in-charge of Panvel Mission
4.Sr Shanthi Priya  :Member in-charge of Panvel Mission

The journey that began in Vassai ended in Panvel as the Sisters gave their service to the people in Raigad. Sisters shifted from Vassai on April 10, 1988 to Panvel to the Swapna Society Building, Old Panvel, Raigad. Pastoral work began in full swing as the sisters moved to Kalamboli, Rasayani, Khopoli and Panvel. The house was officially erected by Rev. Mother Sylvine on May 31, 1988. The Community consisted of 5 members with Sr Noreen as the first Superior and Sr Prema, Sr Suchitha and Sr Eva the members.

On November 14, 1988 Jeevan Vikas Kendra was inaugurated at Kalamboli and 25 women were the first to receive the services. At this Kendra tailoring classes were managed by Sr Prema. Added to this the Bethany sisters also opened the Child Care Center and 20 children took the admission.

The period between 1989-1993 was a time of growth and development. Sisters concentrated on pastoral and social work activities round the year. They offered pastoral service at 9 Centers mainly teaching catechism, hymns and faith formation. The social work was also was carried out in collaboration and support received from the Jesuits who lived in Tara. The Caritas project was a great help in meeting the needs of the Tribals and non Tribals of the Raigad District of Maharashtra. Sisters explored 12 villages and concentrated on the all round development of the villagers.

Sisters updated themselves by attending various training programs and seminars conducted by the (JVT) Jeevan Vikas Trust, of the Jesuits of Tara. As they were working for the tribal community, the sisters also felt the need of the land for the school and approached the CIODCO. It was realized that the need for the society and trust was a requirement to obtain CIODCO land. Hence society called ‘Bethany society’ was formed in the year 1988. After long discussions and discernment, the Bethany sisters got the possession of the property, which was 2 acres of land in Kolkhe village.

In the year 2002 Pre-Primary class was started with only 8 children. The little children were blooming forth in love, with lot of nurturing care and affection from the Sisters as the school was housed in Sisters’ own residence. This atmosphere of acceptance, co-operation, harmony, compassion and concern helped them to grow and develop their potentialities. Day by day the number of students seeking admissions to the school increased. In the year 2005 to accommodate the growing number of students, Pre-Primary was housed in a rented building in New Panvel. The management with the support of parents and the public provided transport facilities for the children coming from distant places, for quality and value based Education. In 2008 shift system was introduced with Primary section in the morning and Pre-Primary in the afternoon. Then the number of children increased to 300 up to standard IV. In the year 2010 new school building was inaugurated to provide conducive atmosphere for the all round development of children.

May Bethany Convent School lead all the students from unreal to real, darkness to light and from death to life.

Year of establishment :  31.05.1988

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