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Karwar abounds in scenic beauty that made the poet Rabindranath Tagore; exclaim “Karwar with its crescent beach throws out to the shores less open sea like every image of an eager striving to embrace the Infinite...” The sea beach of Karwar is a fit place in which to realize the beauty of nature is not a mirage of the imagination but reflects the joy of the infinite and thus draws to lose ourselves in it.

The first priority of the founding Bishop Most Rev William D’ Mello was parish renewal and building up of the people. As an answer to this need, he invited Bethany Sisters in Kajubhag, Karwar on Bethany Saints’ day i.e. July 29, 1977. So, the Bishop christened it after the name of the Cathedral “Convent of Assumption” Karwar. The sisters were asked to carry on the systematic and regular family visits with the co-operation of lay leaders, in order to establish contacts and evangelize the Catholics. Sr Bertha, Sr Potence, Sr Lourdina, Sr Ivilla and Ms Jilly, the helper, formed the nucleus of the newly founded Community and they lived in Kajubhag. Mother Gemma, Mother Priscilla, Sr Verena, Sr Hyacinth, Sr Lucina, Sr Mitis, Sr Rose, Sr Whilhelmin and Sr Vincilla were ahead of them to accord a warm welcome and encourage them. On Aug 01, 1977, Sr Potence and Sr Lourdina went to Sunkeri to take charge of the English Medium School over there. While Sr Potence was given the charge of the School at Sunkeri, Sr Bertha managed the house, Sr Ivilla started her mission in Bishop’s house engaged in clerical work and Sr Lourdina at social work and Sr Reginald joined them later. Sr Yvette began her mission among the poor women of Baad, by managing the Grahini School. Baad was then a illiterate village, with social evils like drunkenness, fights, poverty, illiteracy, cultic practices of ancestors etc. In such a situation sisters needed to shift themselves from Kajubhag to Baad to uplift the people and renew the catholic faith. Baad was the substation of Sunkeri and there was a small Chapel. The sisters were housed in the balcony of the then existing Chapel and when the Convent was constructed it was inaugurated by Mgr Alvares. Mr Paul Rego lent his house for running the Grahini School. Sr Maura the great missionary made her entry into Baad on Oct 28, 1978. The community mission gained momentum, intensifying the pastoral and social ministries with her presence. The units such as, Legion of Mary, Altar Servers, Youth units, Mother and Child care Health for women, tailoring classes, non formal education for school drop outs, choir group were introduced. Meetings and other programmes that involved participation of all began to bring about a change in the locality. With the satisfaction of development in the economic conditions of the people and intensification of faith and prayer life, Sr Maura entered heaven on  Dec. 2, 2000, to receive her reward, after touching the hearts of the people and bringing about their transformation.

The year 2003 is a year to be remembered as there was triple Jubilee celebration-Silver Jubilee of Assumption Convent at Baad, Golden Jubilee & Silver Jubilee of Religious Profession of Sr Madeline and Sr Felcy Fernandes respectively.  

The Superiors who served at Baad since its inception are :
Sr Bertha-1977-78, Sr Laeta 1978-1981, Sr Antoniette 1981-87, Sr Avina 1987-88, Sr Roman 1988-1992, Sr Reema 1992-95, Sr Jescilda 1995-98, Sr Agnes 1998-2001, Sr Auxilium 2001-04, Sr Noel 2004-2010, Sr Conceptia 2010-2016. The family apostolate and pastoral ministry so dear to the heart of our Founder is carried on till this day in Baad by the sisters.

Year of establishment : 29.07.1977

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