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Location: Dandeli is an industrial place a cosmopolitan city situated on the banks of River Kali of Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka State, in the Diocese of Karwar. This Diocese comprising of the whole civil district of Uttara Kannada was carved out from Belgaum Diocese. Most Rev. William L. D'Mello was the first Bishop of Karwar Diocese. Till the erection of the Diocese of Belgaum in 1953 this area was under the diocese of Goa. Through the missionary zeal of the priests of Goa, the faith of our forefathers was kept alive in North Karnataka. Many of the priests served generously for their life time in their respective parishes and now we reap the fruit of their labor. Among the early settlers there were a few Catholic families. Fr A. Gracias, the parish priest of Haliyal, offered Mass once in two months and saw to their spiritual needs. When West Coast Paper Mills started in 1959, many who settled in Dandeli were Catholics. The Bishop of Belgaum, Dr Michael Rodrigues appointed Fr Appolinaris and Fr Blasius to attend to the needs of these Catholics.
Birth of St. Michael's Convent: At the request of the Bishop Dr Michael Rodrigues, Mother Macrina, the then Superior General of the Congregation, consented to open a convent at Dandeli, chiefly for the educational and pastoral apostolate. The convent was opened on 6 June 1962. Fr P. J. Jacob, the Bishop's secretary, offered Mass and blessed. Sr Gertrude one of the founding members of the Congregation was present as a special guest on this occasion. It was a matter of great joy to the people of Dandeli, to witness the arrival of sisters. Sr. Sylvia was the superior and Sr. Placid and Sr Lidwine were the members of the first community. The Bishop like a true pastor was solicitous about the welfare of the Sisters as well as the needs of the mission at Dandeli. He saw that a resident priest in the person of Fr Koimma was stationed at Dandeli to attend to spiritual needs of the sisters as well as the Catholic population. Fr Koimma was a great help to the Sisters in bringing up the infant Institution. Prior to the coming of Sisters to Dandeli, there was a K.G. School started by Fr Blaise, a Capuchin Father, from Haliyal. When the Bethany Sisters came to Dandeli, the Capuchin Fathers handed over to the Sisters, the School consisting of a K.G. class and all its assets. Sr Lidwine was appointed as the first Headmistress, and Sr Sylvia as the correspondent. The fathers had named the school as Nirmala Church School which was changed into St Michael's after the patron Saint of Bishop Dr Michael Rodrigues.

 Education the Main Apostolate at St Michael's: As per the pressing need of the West Coast Paper Mills, Indian Plywood Factory, and Electro Metallurgical Factory to start an English Medium School at Dandeli the Bishop approached the Superior General, Congregation of Sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany popularly known as Bethany Sisters. This dream of the people came through in the year 1962. Sr Agnella, the Secretary of Bethany Educational Society (R), Mangalore, inaugurated the School and admitted the first 43 students to standard 1st and 40 students to K.G. In Every Tiny Seed There Is A Mighty Tree, This is true of St. Michael’s. In 1969 the strength of the School rose to 694 students. The first batch of seventh standard students secured 100% result in the Public Exams and raised the tone of the school. The school continues to be the source of inspiration for many as it offers education that it is updated according to the needs of times. The School flourishes with rush for admissions. Currently there are 1530 students in the School from KG to VII.

Pastoral Work: Along with the teaching activities the Sisters engage themselves in pastoral care. They visit the local families regularly and encourage the children and adults to attend the liturgical celebrations in the church. People are taught Catechism and motivated to pray the rosary and family prayers in their own houses. The simple folk of Dandeli respond favorably to the guidance of the Sisters. Sisters have extended their pastoral ministry to Gund, the mission station. The services of the sisters have enhanced the socio–economic status of the people. The sisters rendered their services to Gardolli, Wada the sub mission stations of Dandeli parish. At present there are 6 Sisters at St. Michael's Convent. As the educational apostolate is continued they are also actively involved in the pastoral activities of the Parish, such as teaching catechism, visiting the families, preparing for the sacraments, praying with families, animating the various associations of the parish, Women's League, etc. The sisters of St Michael's Convent are true to their charism and the spirituality, strive to reflect the compassionate of face of God to all, especially to the least and the last of the society.  

Year of establishment: 06.06.1962

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