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In 1945, Fr Alvaro Figueredo was the Parish priest of Sirsi. He had heard of the Bethany Sisters and their activities in Dharwad and Guledgudd. So he contacted the then Superior General of Bethany, Mother Martha through Sr Priscilla, the Superior of Presentation Convent Dharwad and requested their services in Sirsi. Fr Figueredo invited Fr Founder. He came to Sirsi along with Sr Magdalene to see the place and the possibility of opening a convent and the school. Perceiving that it is a malaria infested area Fr Founder did not want to open the Convent. As he was about to return Mr Peter Machado pleaded, “Dear father, in the name of Mother Mary, I request you to open a Convent at Sirsi”.  Hearing the name of Mother Mary and the name “Ave Maria” Fr Founder’s heart was moved. After some negotiations with the Parish Priest and the Church Committee members, Fr Founder decided to accept their invitation and four sisters were sent to Sirsi on May 24, 1945 under the leadership of Sr Macra, the first Superior of Sirsi. The generous parishioners and their zealous pastor warmly welcomed the sisters. A rent free house was placed at their disposal to be used as their convent until a more suitable new building could be constructed. A week later, on June 4th, two Schools with two grades in each were opened, one with English as the medium of instruction and the other with Kannada as the medium. Later on, because of certain difficulties the sisters decided to close the English medium school but continued the other which instructed the children in Kannada. Each year an additional class was added until it became a complete High School. At present the Bethany Educational Society runs Ave Maria Higher Primary School and Ave Maria High School.

When the school was raised to the status of a High School on June 1, 1959 Sr Remigia became the first Headmistress. Since then it has become an important centre of education for the students in that area. The sisters are also involved in pastoral apostolate, and are rendering their services in the Parish.
Memorable events

•A Symposium on the life of the Servant of God, R.F.C Mascarenhas our Founder
•Members of the historical commission for the cause of the beatification of our Fr. Founder visited the place.
At present there are nine members mainly engaged in Educational ministry besides, other ministries such as pastoral, and social work and prayer ministry. Catechesis and visits to families and praying with them is a regular feature.

Year of establishment: (24.05.1945)

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