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Guledgudd mission was started in 1868 by Rev.Fr. Franklin S.J., a German priest. Fr. George D’ Sa S.J, a Goan priest who was transferred to Guledgudd in 1915, felt the need of religious sisters who knew Kannada to look after the education of children, run an orphanage, and involve in pastoral care in the mission stations. So he approached Fr. R.F.C. Mascarenhas, the Founder of Bethany Sisters, and expressed his need. The prayerful effort and the desire of Fr. George D’sa for the assistance of religious sisters were fulfilled when Father Founder heeded the request of Bishop Doreing of Pune. Fr. Founder along with four pioneers Sr Lazarus, Sr Benigna, Sr Maura and Sr Lucina landed in Guledgudd on Nov 5, 1939 and enthusiastically started the mission at Guledgudd. The loving approach and selfless service of the sisters attracted many people. As a result the service was extended to other mission stations viz. Asangi, Pattadakal, Karadi, Bagalkot, Krishnapur, Hadapur, Nadsanur, Budhihal, etc. Prior to the arrival of the Bethany sisters, the orphanage was supervised by a teacher named Kumari Agnesavva Ullagaddi. Seeing the dedicated life and selfless service of the sisters, the seed of vocation sprouted in her heart and she joined the Congregation and became a Bethany sister named Sr Alexandra.

Fr. George D’sa along with our Father Founder and the Bishop were a blessing to the sisters to continue their mission of education, teaching catechism, pastoral work and social work. In the beginning Sr Concilia and Sr Viva worked hard and they were a great support to the parish and the people, they adopted orphan children like late Sr Agnes Gratia and Ms Jilly Bai and others who are now having good status in the society.

 Our Sisters are rendering her valuable service as the Headmistress of the High School and of the Primary School.
In the year 1999 Sanjivini Arogya Kendra was started in a rented room by Sr Irene Crasta. At the same time the need arose for social work and the centre Bethany Sanjivini Kendra was started in the year 2005, and today it offers multi –social activities. Since there were a number of differently able persons, in the vicinity and surrounding villages, a survey was undertaken by Sr Irene Crasta and Sr Cynthia along with the social workers, in order to avail Government facilities. Self Help Groups for men and women were started. Various skill training courses were initiated, such as, tailoring, computer, bag making, fashion designing, fabric painting etc. As a result many of them have become self reliant and are able to earn their livelihood. Having trained one physio-therapist Ms Vidya, Bethany Sanjivini Kendra started Day Care Centre in 2012 which caters to the needs of many differently able persons. As the need was felt to have a separate building the congregation came forward to put up the social service and physiotherapy center from the financial support received from a donor from Belgium. Currently five sisters are rendering joyful service under different capacities such as, co-coordinator, nurse,  therapists, social workers, and 10 staff members render selfless service to the people to fulfil the desire of Father Founder by reaching out to the last, least and the lost people of God.

Year of establishment : 05.11.1939

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