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During XI General Chapter of the Congregation in April 1986 the congregation was divided into 3 provinces and 2 vice provinces for an effective administration and their responsibility was entrusted to the Provincial Superiors. On 31st May 1986 on the feast of the Holy Eucharist presided over by Bishop Maxwell Noronha, the Superior General Mother Sylvine declared Kerala and Tamil Nadu as Southern Vice Province. The Provincial Superior, her councillors and Provincial Procurator reside in the house and the first floor of the building is used for the Administraion of the Province. Till 1991 the Provincial Superior was  the Superior of the Community. From 1991 onwards instead of the Provincial Superior,  Superior was appointed to animate the provincial community and  Sr Mary Mathew became the first superior  followed by Sr Clarisa, Sr Ancita, Sr Rosalind, Sr Joann, Sr Lancy, Sr Inez, Sr Rose Therese and  at present Sr Rosalia shared the responsibility of animating the house. Bethany Provincial House comes under the Christ the king parish Malaparamba. The community functions in collaboration with the Provincial Superior and her team.

In April 2004 the 5 cent of land with a small house lying close to the Provincial House was brought for Rs 3.25.000. It is now used as the house for the aspirants. At present there are 5 students candidates residing in the house. They are affiliated to the Provincial House Community while they go to St Michles Higher Secondary School West Hill for their +1 &+2 studies.
On 12th December 2004 the Southern vice Province was raised to the status of the Province. A separate Provincial House chapel was built in gothic style and was blessed on 26th April 2008.

Sr Theresild, Sr Georgitta, Sr Lillis and Sr Anseline along with their team carried on the noble mission of Province animation form this power house of the Province.

Now the administrative baton was handed over to Sr.Santhosh Maria ,the present provincial superior with her Councillors Sr.Gracy Ignatious, Sr.Tessy Maria, Sr.Daisy Mani and Sr.Judy Varghese.

The sisters were involved in administration, pastoral care, pastoral ministry, education, faith formation, social work, formation of the formees, and caring of the elderly.

Year of Establishment 21.06.1987

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