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Our Lady of Miracle Church at Annai Nagar in Tamil Nadu is a place where a number of miracles take place. The then vicar of this parish Fr. Selvaraj wanted an English medium School in his parish. He contacted many congregations with this intention and had discussions with some. During this time he came to know about Bethany Congregation and its schools and their effective administration in North India, through some of his priest friends, particularlyFr.FrancisBorgio.  Thereafter Fr.Selvaraj contacted the then Provincial Superior Sr.Lillis.  She also had a desire to start a school in Tamil Nadu.

Fr.Selvaraj, having found the circumstances very favorable., called at Bethany Generalate and impressed uponSr.Wilberta, the  then Superior General, and her team, of the need for an English medium school in Annai Nagar.The request was then forwarded to Sr.Anseline the then  for exploring the possibilities and a study was undertaken both by the Generalate and the provincialate. As they reached a unanimous decision after the study, the Bethany Congregation took up the reigns of the School of the parish on 2nd June 2010.

There are 375 families in the parish. The people of older generation engage themselves in fishing while the younger generation shows interest in education. Many of them are working abroad. Fr. Selvaraj, a scholar and a farsighted man, who understood the importance of education in English medium,had been conducting a school from Pre.K.G to3rd standard in a building of the parish.

Sr. Jocelyn, Sr. Sony Scaria and Sr. DivyaJyothiwere entrusted with the teaching ministry in the school in an experiential level.. As the convent building was not yet ready , the sisters stayed  in the first floor of the house of Mr. Britto , given free of rent. Being an unformed community, it was initially attached to the community at Vadakangulam. The responsibility of the school was vested in Sr. Jocelyn , Who was the superior in-charge of the community. The Congregation had bought 3.30 acres of land for the purpose of the convent and the school building.
On 27th July 2011 the community was canonically erected with Sr. Jane Joseph as the first superior of the community, Sr. Bernice, Sr. VinithPriya, Sr. Jemila and Sr. Jinijose as the members of the community.  Sr. VinithaPriya was appointed as the first Head mistress of the school and “BETHANY’ was added in the name of the school. So at present the name of the School is Our Lady of Miracles Bethany Matriculation School Annai Nagar. In the year 2012 after a year of service Sr. VinithaPriya was transferred to West Hill Calicut and in her place Sr. Alphonsa Joseph was appointed as the Headmistress of the school at that time the strength of the school were 323 students on the role and 21 teaching and non- teaching staff members. And the classes started functioning in the newly constructed School building. On July 16.2012 on the foundation Day of our Congregation the community shifted their stay from the rented house to the upstairs of the school building.  Sr. Jane Joseph handed over her Superior ship to Sr. Cicily Paul on May 27th 2014.  It   was a red lettered day in the annals of the community at Annai Nagar as the inmates were blessed with a new convent Building on 28 March 2016, which was blessed by the Rt. Rev. Peter Remigious the Bishop of Kottar and inaugurated by the newly elected superior General Rev. Sr. Rose Celine along with her new councilors in the presence of Rev. Sr. Santhosh Maria our Provincial Superior and her councilors. The present members of the community are Sr. Cicily Paul, Sr. Thomasita, Sr. Anupama, Sr. Alphonsa Joseph, Sr. Felciya Mary and Sr. Manisha. A Candidate Hardiliya is in our community doing her +2 in our neighboring school Pallam. The strength of the school also increased to 702 from Pre.K.G to X and 40 teaching and non-teaching staff are working in the school

We are also completely involved in the pastoral and social apostolate of the parish. We assist the parish priest Rev. Fr. Babu in all the activity of the parish specially taking care of the pious associations, teaching catechism visiting houses etc.

We owe much gratitude to Most Rev.Dr.Peter Remegius, the bishop of Kottar diocese, Bethany Superior General  the then  Superior General of the Congregation Sr.Wilberta and her councilors, for granting the necessary permission to start a school here and  he support  that she gave for us. May the Lord bless us all and enable us to realize our dreams for the people of Annai Nagar.

Year of establishment – 29.07.2011





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