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Brief history of the community with a list of Ministries we undertake.

The XIII General Chapter of the Bethany Congregation emphasized that the new ventures should exclusively cater to the welfare of the poor and the marginalized and help them to grow firm in their faith.  It is with this backdrop that the Bethany Convent in Moothedam was opened.

Fr.Lous, the vicar of Moothedem Parish, approached the Bishop of Calicut expressing the need for a convent in his parish. The Bishop Most.Rev.Dr. Joseph Kalathiparmbil apprised Sr. Anseline, the provincial superior of the wish of Fr.Louis. Having obtained the approval of the Provincial team Sr,Anseline forwarded the request to Sr.Jyoti, the Superior General. After much prayer and discernment, the Congregation decided to accept the invitation in view of giving due importance to the spirituality and charism of the Founder and serving the people of that area.

Once the decision was made, other formalities began to move faster. A plot of 1.51 acres was procured for the purpose. In the meantime, the XIV General Chapter which began in May 2004, elected Sr.Anseline as the General Councillor. Consequently, Sr.Theresild, who was the councillor of Sr.Anseline, assumed the office of the Provincial Superior on 16th July 2004. Sr.Theresild was authorized to complete the task at Moothedom which Sr.Anseline had started.

The Convent was erected by Sr.Jyoti during the Holy Mass presided over by Bishop Most Rev.Dr. Joseph Kalathiparambil on 31st July 2004. This happy occasion was witnessed by Fr. Marceline, the vicar of Malappuam Forene, Sr.Anseline, the General Councillor, a few priests from the Forane and sisters from different communities. The community of Bethany in Moothedam started its mission from a rented house of a well wisher Mr.Thankachan Nethalil. Sr.Daisyt Mani was the first superior and the other members were Sr.De Sales and Sr.Smitha Thomas. We remember with profound gratitude Fr.Louis and the parishioners who took the initiative to have Bethany presence here.

There are about 36 families in the parish scattered in different areas. The major ministries the sisters undertook were visiting families, deepening the faithful in their spiritual life, reorganizing the Catechism classes etc. The sisters worked hard towards the empowerment of women and formation of self-help units and to provide employment to the people. A saving scheme also was initiated in order to create a habit of saving among the people.  In order to improve the standard of education of the students, free tuition and spoken English classes were organized regardless of their religious and cultural differences. In the meantime, the preliminary works were started for the convent building. The new convent building was blessed by Rev.Fr.Marcelline, the vicar of Malappiram Forane.

On 9th May 2009, Sr.Lillis, the provincial Superior, started Jyothis Bhavan, in order to provide education for the children of the prisoners and the marginalized, in association with Jesus
Fraternity. It was nothing but an actualization of the vision of Founder and the words of Jesus (Mt.25:34-36).
Superiors who served at Bethany Convent Moothedam

1. Sr. Daisy Mani (2004 to 2010)
2. Sr.De Sales (2010-2013)
3. Sr.Anupama (2013 – 2016)
Sisters who served either for a long period or for a short period

Sr. Smitha Thomas, Sr Regi Kuriakose, Sr Soumya John,Sr AnnieGeorge, Sr Sebastian, Sr Bernice, Sr Evangeline, Sr Inez,  Sr Anacleta, Sr Josia, Sr Marisa, Sr Anuprabha, Sr Nancy, Sr Lovina, Sr Agnes, Sr Bhanu Priya, Sr Babitha, Sr Sirisha, Sr Jancy Rani, Sr Jeno, Sr Elizabeth Rani

Sr. Anupama rendered her services for two years as a principal of English Medium  U.P. School, Moothedam run by the Malankara Catholic which was very appreciable.

Sr. Maria Fortunate took charge as Superior on the 28th May 2016. Sr. Marisa and Sr. Lenita are the members.  The Provincial was kind enough to provide us a vehicle. Sisters are engaged in different activities.

Sr. Maria Fortunate is the Headmistress for Sunday school. She prepares for the Children for first communion and she is in charge of BLA. Unit. Takes up classes for the slum children. Visiting the families specially the problematic.Morning hours are spending in prayer and other works.

Sr.Marisa  is engaged in the healing ministry. Curing the sick by giving herbal medicines. Nursing the sick in their houses.  Ladies from the slum come to take injection from her. She along with Sr.Lenita goes for palliative care organized by the panchayath. She prepares the couples for the rectification of their marriages. She takes up Sunday catechism. Once a week classes for the slum children.  Morning hours are spent in prayer and other duties of the house.

Sr.Lenita.  Morning hours are spent in prayer and house hold work, Teaches Catechism on Sundays, She visits often the neighboring slum ,brings smiles to the faces of the women and children and takes up classes for the slum children. Family visits along with Sr.Marisa and also Palliative care with panchayath.

We hope our presence and services over here will do well for the people of this place.
Pastoral work:Visiting the houses and praying with them, teaching  Catechism on Sundays, Preparing the children for the First Holy Communion, Preparing the couples for the rectification of the marriages, involved in the palliative care   with the Panchayath, Curing the sick by giving the herbal medicines, nursing the sick in their houses, Non- formal education to the children
Year of establishment – 29.07.2004

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