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1.  Name of the Convent                    -    Bethany Convent Anappara
2.  Address                                       -    Anappara, Neyyattinkara
3.  Date of opening                           -    26.10.2000
4.  Name & number of inmates at the time
       of opening                                -    Sr. Michael B S -Superior
                                                      -    Sr.Floscula , Sr.Florine , Sr.Smitha Thomas
5.  Name of the Superior General        -    Rev. Sr.Jyoti BS
6.  Name of the Provincial Superior      -    Sr. Georgita BS
7.  Name of the Diocese                     -    Neyyattinkara
8.  Name of the Bishop                       -    Rt.Rev.Dr.Bishop Vincent Samuel
9.  Name of the Parish Priest               -    Fr. Shaji  Kumar
10.  Main apostolate                           -    Education & Pastoral
11.  Land                                           -    89 cents costing Rs 12 ½ lakhs   [ bought by the Congregation]   
                            SUPERIORS FROM 2000 TO 2016
1.  26.10.2000 to 31.05.2004               -    Sr.Michael BS
2. 01.06.2004 to 31.05. 2007               -    Sr. Mary  Mathew
3.  01.06.2007 to 31.05.2010               -    Sr.  Marissa
4.  01.06.2010 to 27.05.2016               -    Sr.Reena Thomas
5.  28.05.2016 to                                -    Sr.Reeta George

In the Diocese of Neyyattinkara the Congregation of the Sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany opened a new convent.  It was in October 26, 2000 in the great Jubilee year.  It was in the Holy Cross Parish under Undencode Forane Church.  Superior General Rev. Sr. Jyoti BS, our Provincial Superior Sr. Georgita, Mangalore Provincial Sr.Christella and the members of the new community welcomed with arathi and bouquet of flowers.
Superior General cut the ribbon at the entrance door and inaugurated the convent.  The first Superior of the convent Sr.Michael entered in with the lighted diya followed by the Bishop and the sisters.  The bishop blessed every part of the convent.
07.06.2001 – A new nursery school was started at Pannimala station.
15.05.2002 – A new nursery at Panchimoodu station was started.
29.06.2002 – Fr. Shaji Kumar the Parish priest was transferred and the new Parish Priest Fr.Jerome took the charge of the Parish.
27.08.2002 – Sr. Florine became sick and was hospitalized
19.09.2002 – Sr. Florine expired.  Her funeral was on 20.09.2002.  Bishops, good number of sisters and lay people were present.  Her mortal remains are in the Parish cemetery.
05.06.2004 – Sr.Michael,the pioneer Superior handed over the Superiorship to Sr.Mary Mathew.

During Sr. Mary Mathew’s term, four rooms were constructed for the sisters’ residence spending and amount of Rs 12 lakhs from the Provincialate.  A compound wall was also constructed.  Everything went on well. The main church and sub stations have got 5 to 6 stations.  Kurisumala is one of the main pilgrimage centers.  Lakhs of people come here for the feast celebration.
There are also 5 nurseries in the main substations.  Sisters supervise the nurseries and help the teachers.  The people of this place are very poor, most of them are coolies.  Their main work is tapping.  Sisters together with the Parish Priest, BCC leaders try to uplift their life. 31.05.2007 – Sr. Mary Mathew handed over the Superiorship to Sr. Marisa. 
Four candidates from Tamil Nadu are also staying there for their plus one studies in one of the Tamil Medium Higher Secondary School.  Sr. Gemma was in charge of these candidates.

31.05.2007 – Sr. Marisa handed over the Superiorship to Sr. Reena Thomas.
01.06.2007 – Sr. Sr. Reena Thomas took charge as the Superior of the Community.
On 28th November 2015 was the Blessing of the Convent.  A special day in the history of the community.  A new convent building was built, using the fund given from the Generalate.  Sr. Lillis, the Asst. Superior General, Sr.Santhosh Maria the Provincial Superior, Sr.Christine Norohna the Procurator General and many sisters, Priests and lay people participated in the blessing function. Sr. Lillis the Assistant Superior General inaugurated the building and the Bishop blessed the house.
On 28th May 2016 the new superior Sr.Reeta George took charge.  Sr. Reena Thomas moved out after 6 years being the animator of the community.  The present members are Sr.Lima, Sr.Stella Antony and Sr.Dayana Peter.  The sisters are very active to proclaim the love of  God and His Compassion through their various apostolates  namely, teaching, pastoral work, social work, prepare  them  for Logos Quiz, Catechism,  BCC Units, NIDS, family visit, Pious associations like Little way Association, St.Vincent De Paul Society, Legion of Mary, KCYM, Alter boys, Youth animation etc. Thus the sisters are active in spreading God’s Compassionate Love to all

Year of establishment - 26.10.2007

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