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It is erected on 1st May 1991. It is an interior village 6Km away from Mananthavady town. The main focus in erecting our community here was pastoral work and educational upliftment of the people here by teaching in the Diocesan LP School. It is a Muslim and Tea Estate worker’s area.  There are three major Tribal colonies around us. We are engaged in Pastoral, Educational and Social ministries.

Pastoral work: We have 56 families in the parish.  We visit the houses of the family, pray with them and for them.  All of us teach Catechism.  We animate pious associations such as Mother’s association, Colping, CLC, Altar boys, and Holy childhood.  Different activities are organized for the Catechism Students and members of the pious association like, visit to the houses of the locality where there are bedridden and terminally sick persons, celebration of their patron’s day creatively, visits to the orphanages and old age homes and visit to the Shrines.

Education Ministry: Srs. Nancy Alphonsa and Shanthini are teaching in the Diocesan LP School.  We visit the families of the students and pay individual attention to them.  Special coaching is given to the slow learners regularly from 9am to 9.50am.  We take part in all the activities conducted in the school. The students are given opportunity to take part in DCL Scholarship, Aksharajyothi scholarship, and aksharamuttam quiz competitions.

Social Ministry: Sr Damian gives medical help of all those who come here to check their BP, bandage the wounds, take injections etc.  It is utilized by all the people of our locality.  We give special coaching for the slow learners of different classes as they approach us.  We have a Nursery school in view of preparing students for the English Medium section in the school. A tailing class is organized in view of helping wemen to find their own income.The Diocesan Jeevana is animated and Women are empowered.  We visit the houses of non-Christian families and visit them when they are sick, death, and during other occasions.

On the whole it is an area where we can live and vibrate the compassionate love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  As we live our Consecrated life as Bethany Sisters, we experience the Compassionate love of the Triune God more and more.

Year of establishment: 01.05.1991


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