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A new branch of Bethany was started in the south part of Kerala in Thiruvanathapuram at  Kamukincode. The foundation stone of Bethany Convent Kamukincode was laid on the 7th of July in 1987 by Rev. Msgr. James Amado the then Vicar General of Thiruvananthapuram Diocese. We began our services in the diocese in 13-08-1987 staying in a rented house close to the parish St. Antony’s Church Kamukincode. From 1996 it belong to the diocese of Neyyatinkara.
Sr. Gracy was appointed as the first local superior of the community. Late Sr Vimala and Sr. Febiana were the pioneering members. This house was opened in this particular area with a view to spreading the Gospel values through pastoral, educational, and social apostolate. Rev. Fr. Jose Pereira was the parish priest of St. Antony’s Church Kamukincode then.

13-09-1987      to    31-05-1991         Sr Gracy Ignatius
01-06 -1991     to    31-05-1997         Sr Fatima
01-06-1997      to    30-05-2002         Sr Franceline
01-06-2002      to    28-05-2004         Sr Reena Thomas
29-05-2004      to    31-05-2007         Sr Sophie Maria
01-06-2007      to    27.05.2010          Sr Regina George
28.05.2010      to     27-05-2016         Sr Stella Antony
28-05 2016 -                                     Sr Jemma Joseph


Besides two main stations, namely St. Antony’s Church Kamukincode and St. Peter’s Church Athazhamangalam there are three   substations (Olicode, Manalivila and Arangamugal).We are directly involved in Educational, Pastoral and Family apostolate. We teach catechism, prepare the children and adults for the reception of the Sacraments, attend the BCC prayers in 37 BCC units, animate pious associations especially Little Way Association, KCYM etc. We prepare and help the children for Logos Quiz and Bible Quiz. We also try to  be the people in moments of death, sickness, birthdays, and other celebrations.  In our school we give more attention to the poor and backward children. In our Nursery we give concession to poor children. In Lenten season we pray way of the cross with the people. We visit the families and pray for the sick and aged. We also give special care and guidance to the families with problems. We co operate with Forane and Diocesan programmes like Jesus Friends, VBS, Christeen etc. We animate and encourage children to participate effectively in them. Two of the sisters are teaching in the Diocesan Management School. We give special care and help the children who are backward in studies. We have 10 Bethany Champions from main parish and substations. Occasionally we give them classes and conduct prayers. We had taken     them for the State level get together in Thenhipalam.

We have 18 BLA members to support us in our pastoral apostolate. Every month we come together for prayer, discussion and evaluation. Together with them we visit families, pray for the sick and the aged. Every year we visit an orphanage or give financial assistance to those who are sick and poor. Under the leadership of the BLA members we had rosary in the month of October in the Shrine in Kodangavila.  It was a real witness and so many parishners, children and neighbours joined us for the rosary. We get the support of the BLA members on important occasions and for the church feast.  We had a meaningful X’ Mas celebration by selecting a family as X’ Mas friend, praying for them and exchanging gifts. We celebrate July 29 as “their day” with Holy Mass and meal. As this is “The Year of Mercy”  we adopted a family and give them financial and material assistance    every month. We pray rosary  in one of   the BLA Members houses in every month. We also conduct seminars for mothers, youth and children.

Year of establishment -13.09.1987


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