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In the early decades of 20th centaury O C D fathers founded a small church under the patronage of St. Anne at the request of the Bishop of Quilon diocese Ret. Rev. Dr Alosious Maria Benseger.  At that time, there were only a few Dalith  families  working  under land  lords. As the area developed people from Quilon, Aleppy and other places came for business and other enterprises.In the year 1926 St. Brocards L.P School and in 1964 C A M High School came in to existence under of the Diocese of Quilon .

When Rev. Fr. Charles O’Prem took charge of the parish in the year 1974 he thought of opening a convent in the parish and approached Rt.  Rev Dr. Jerome Fernandez  the  Bishop of  Quilon. They requested Mother Macrina the Superior General of the sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany Congregation at Manglore to open a branch at  Pathanapuram Parish. She consented and sent a band of 5 sisters. Sisters Presenta, Sedas, Febiana, Gracy Ignatious and  Annie Varghese were the pioneers. The mission allotted to them was to do pastoral and social works in the parish and sub stations Makulam,  Koodal, Padam  and Elamannur. They had to look after the existing nursery and tailoring schools. Two teaching post in the aided school were promised for the maintenance of sisters. As per the contract the Diocese gave one acre and 30cents of land and also a convent building for the sister’s residence. Sisters stayed in a rented house till the convent building got ready. Later a convenient chapel was donated by Rev: Fr. Charles  O’Prem. During Sr. Sophie Maria’s leadership 1st floor for the convent building was constructed.

The sisters were very much enthusiastic and committed and thro’ the years they offered  very commendable services in all the different fields entrusted to them. In the year 1975 August Srs  Gracy and Annie got appointed in St  Brocads L.P School. The services of Srs  Winnifred and Fatima in sub. Stations need to be mentioned especially. People and Ecclesiastical authorities appreciated the services of the sisters and were well accepted by all. In the course of time  Sr Ancita and later Sr Sophie Maria served as H.M of the L.P school and raised its fame and standard in all the areas.

Later as the parish gave up running tailoring   and K.G school Sr. Ancita the then Superior took initiative to put up a building for the K G school with foreign aid and started K G  in the convent campus and it was upgraded up to  std.VI by the untiring efforts of Srs. Ancleta and Fatima.  In 2002 Sr. Sophie Maria put up 1st floor for the school funded by Generate. Sr.Jose Therese became the superior in 2003. Due to fall in the number of admissions she closed down the school in 2006. In 2011 Sr Reeta George and Sr Lenita took interest in starting a free boarding and some girls were helped to pass out SSLC. Now we are not getting admission to boarding.

In the year 1986 when Punalur diocese was erected Pathanapuram became part of Punalur diocese. From 1975 to 2003 two sisters were given aided teaching post and 2003 onwards we have one aided post in the diocesan school of Punalur. When St. Xaviers  Vidhya Nikethan, the Animation center of Punalur diocese started in Pathanapuram our sisters were offering services there also till 2013.

After Mother Presenta Srs Juliana, Winnifred, Ancita, Sophie Maria, Jose Therese, Reeta George and Lenita had been animaters and have given dedicated service to community parish and society at large. Their services are gratefully remembered by all.

The present community has 6 members animated by Sr. Deepa. We take up pastoral and social work at St. Ann’s church Pathanapuram,St  Mathew’s church Padamand St. Judes church Koodal. Sr. Juliana renders commendable service in teaching the catechumens and neophytes, preparing for marriage and reception of sacraments. Sr Rani Anto is teaching in one of the diocesan schools. Srs  Deepa and Annie V.A offer their services in St Jude’s pilgrim center of the diocese at Maruthimood.

 Year of establishment - 18.05.1975

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