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The terrain of East Hill and West Hill that lies overlooking the tidal waves of the Arabian Sea has got a history to unfold. West Hill was a favorable place for the alien forces to establish their supremacy in Calicut, after the era of Tippu Sulthan and Pazhassiraja. West Hill is a historical soil that one beholds the 90 year old St Michael’s Higher Secondary School and 78 year old Eudes Convent.

The St Michael’s Primary School was started in 1927 by Fr Aloysius Coelho with an intention of fortifying West Hill Parish which was rundown economically, culturally and educationally. On 12th September 1938 with the permission of Bishop Mar Leo Proserpio, the Bishop of Calicut, Bethany was able to open a Convent in West Hill.

A small plot of 45 cent was bought by the congregation and a small building there was given for the sisters as their residence. On the day of the inauguration, the Founder Msgr  R F C Mascarenhas arrived at West Hill accompanied by Mother Martha, the Superior General, Sr Magdalene, Sr Angela, Sr Dolores, Sr Dulcis and Sr Presenta. The house was blessed by the founder and it was named Eudes Convent, fondly seeking the patronage of St John Eudes, who was instrumental in spreading the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The first Superior of this convent was Sr Angela and the first headmistress of the School was Sr Dulcis. The other members were Sr Dolores and Sr Presenta.

Eudes convent was the second community of Bethany in Kerala. The second superior of the community was Sr. Joseph. In those days there was also an orphanage and a Lower Primary school founded by Mr Kurup. The sisters were invited to offer their assistance there too. On July 22nd 1939 Holy Mass was celebrated in the convent chapel by Bishop Proserpio for the first time. This blessed moment was gracefully witnessed by the Founder Msgr. Mascarenhas.

In 1940 sisters started an orphanage, adjacement to the school building. With the concerted effort of Fr. Stephen and superior Sr.Sylvia on July 16th 1946 the school was upgraded to UP section. The new school building was inaugurated on May2nd 1952. The building still holds the main part of the St. Michael’s School. April 26th 1953 was a golden day in the annals of St. Eudes Convent, for the IV General Chapter of the congregation was held here. Mother Priscilla was elected as the Superior General. After Sr. Sylvia, Sr. Remigia became the Superior of the convent then Sr. Presenta till 1962. In 1962 to 1966Sr.Eliza was the in charge of the convent and headmistress of the school. In 1966 St Michael’s School was upgraded to a high school. On April 5th 1967 the new convent building was blessed. Sr Presenta was superior again from 1968-1974. During this time a book- binding unit was started in the convent under the able direction of Sr Adeline. In 1969 a plot of land behind the school was procured and a boarding house was build. In 1974 -1977 Sr Delphin was the superior of the house then Sr Palma from 1977 – 1980. During her period EMLP School was started. In 1980 Sr Georgitta became the superior then Sr Theresild took her place. In 1993 Sr Georgitta took initiative to construct a new block to the convent building for the elderly sisters. The Southern Vice - Province was established on 31st may 1986 with Eudes convent as its centre. Sr Theresild then the superior of the Eudes convent became the first provincial superior. After Sr Theresild, Sr Vinaya (1986 -89) Sr Annie Francis (1989 -1992) and Sr Jayasheela (1992-1993) took over the animation of Eudes Convent. The Diamond jubilee of the School and golden jubilee of the convent were celebrated in 1988.Sr Jose Therese (1993- 1996) Sr Rose Maria 1996-1997 Sr Vinaya (1997- 1998) and Sr Jose Therese (1998-2001) were the superiors.  Sr Jose Therese reconstructed the boarding and made the campus spacious. Sr Mary Mathew became the superior from 2001-2004. In 2003 the plus two block of the school was blessed and inaugurated. Also the Platinum jubilee of the school was celebrated in all its pomp and gaiety. In 2004 Sr. Mary Mathew handed over the piloting of the convent to Sr Benedict. 10.75 cents of land adjoining the boarding house was bought in 2005 and the Bethany Home was started for the poor girls of Latin communities for their studies. Sr Tessy became the superior in 2007 and in 2010 in remembrance of the 50th death anniversary of our Founder a statue of Msgr Mascarenhas was erected and unveiled at the entrance of the convent also the new EMLP School building was constructed. On June 1st 2010 Sr. Georgitta became the superior of the convent. The school got permission to start plus two. Sr Mercy Maria was superior of the convent from 2013-2016.

On 28th May 2016 Sr Mercy handed over the piloting of the convent to Sr Brigilia Lawrence. At present the community consists of 20 members. Twelve sisters are engaged in Educational Apostolate. Sr Theresild is working in the Diocese of Calicut as secretary to the corporate manager. Six of our sisters are engaged in the praying ministry and Sr Livinia is fully involved in Human trafficking, Releasing, Reformation, Rehabilitation, Visiting prison, juvenile etc. Sisters also take sufficient care in the Pastoral works of the Diocese and the Parish.

 Year of establishment - 12.09.1938


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