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The people of Mamit, Mizoram, had donated some land to the Diocese of Aizawl to do developmental work. The land located at Ngharpet Veng locality was handed over to the Capuchin Fathers who are managing the Parish. According to the wish of the donor and of the diocese, a portion of this land was demarcated for Bethany for the expressed purpose of building a School. Bethany had already started a High School at Mamit Bazar Veng in 2003.

With the help of Manos Unidas, a double –storeyed structure was built on the new land at Ngharpet Veng in 2006 to house the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS). In 2007, the office of the Bethany Social Service Society, drop-in centre and health centre were shifted to this place. Three Sisters Sr Valsala, Sr Therese Zothanpari and Sr Lucy Uchoi began to stay here as they were involved in this ministry. Sr Thesese Zothanpari was also teaching in the School at Bazar Veng, about 25 minutes walk away. In the mean time, the School had progressed to the High School level and a need was felt to shift the High School section to Ngharpet Veng. Thus from the year 2011, the High School section of St Francis of Assisi High School was shifted to Ngharpet Veng while the middle school section remained at the original place in Bazar veng. However, the administration continued to be one.

On 25 March  2011, the community was bifurcated and a second Bethany convent named St Theresa Convent was erected at Ngharpet veng, Mamit. Sr Carmine Lobo was appointed its first Superior and Sr Juliana Lolia, Sr Sunitha Mary and Sr Bankyntiew were the community members. Two members of the community were teachers while the other two were for socio-medical apostolate.
At present St Theresa Convent, Mamit has four members- Sr Mary Naulak is the Superior.  Sr Shalini Mary, Sr Irene Therese and Sr Reena Edel are the community members. All the sisters are involved in education. In addition, Sr Irene is also fully involved in the pastoral field, while all the others also contribute their share of pastoral services.

Year of establishment : 25.03.2011


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