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Canchipur in Imphal, the Capital of Manipur State, is synonymous with learning. It houses the Manipur University Campus. Late Fr Mathew Manianchira wanted Bethany Sisters to take up educational ministry of Catholic School, Canchipur and this was made possible through the formal invitation of Rt. Rev. Joseph Mittathany, the Archbishop of Imphal. Thus   Bethany was born in Imphal on 20 January 1989. The pioneering sisters were Sr Justinian, the Superior and Headmistress and  Sr Peter and Sr Anna community members.

An inaugural Mass was Officiated by Bishop Joseph Mittathany and concelebrated by Fr Mathew Manianchira and a few more priests. Religious sisters of various communities of the Imphal area together with sisters from other communities joined the celebration. Sisters were housed in a part of the School building as there was no convent building. The sisters used water, electricity and furniture of the school that was given for their use. Fr Mathew Maniachira was a very generous person and met all the material and spiritual needs of the sisters.

Indeed, God’s ways are not our ways. All these golden days got a jolt at the sudden and tragic death of Fr Mathew Manianchira. He was shot dead on 29.04.1990 at 10:30am during the all Manipur Catholic Schools’ Spots Meet amidst thousands of students and teachers in the campus. After this incident, fear and gloom spread over the area. Yet, sisters on their own accord stayed on bravely to continue the mission. Days, months and years passed by. On transfers, new ones substituted the old ones. They rendered their service joyfully facing and bearing the inconveniences of life.

Sr Clementia replaced the first Superior, SrJustinian in 1993. Her tenure was headed by Fr Jayaseelan and Fr Mark who came after the death of Fr Mathew. The life was very pleasant in its own way offering new avenues for experience. In 1999, Fr Tomy Manjaly was the Principal. On February 2 2001, Fr Tomy was shot at during the day. However, he survived by a miracle and was sent for treatment. Following this incident, the priests and sisters vacated the place, leaving the School in the hands of lay teachers. Fr Dominic Lumon (now Archbishop) looked after the school from the Bishops House, Imphal.

It was the worst period in the history of the Catholic School Canchipur. The Bethany Convent was closed down temporarily. After leaving the scene and monitoring things from a distance for 10 months, Bethany sisters were called back for a fresh innings. Fr.Victor Arulappan became the new Principal.

Sr Justinian was succeeded by Sr Clementia, Sr Amritha, Sr Premitha and Sr ordilia as Superiors and Headmistress. At present Sr Audry is the Superior. Sr Febronia is the Headmistress of the School. The members Sr Sabina and Sr Marina render whole hearted service in the School and Community.

On 15 July 2014, the foundation for the new Convent building was laid by the Archbishop, Most Rev Dominic Lumon, the Archdbishop of Imphal. The Sisters celebrated the Silver Jubilee of the Convent on 30 September 2014. After 26 years Bethany had the joy of having a convent of their own provided by the Archdiocese which was blessed and inaugurated on 21 June 2015.

Year of establishment : 23.01.1989


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