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Bethany ventured into Viswema village in Nagaland on 11 February 1977 during the time of Mother Macrina, the Superior General. A team of four sisters led by Sr Noeline, the Superior and Headmistress, Sr Peace, Sr Ivan and Sr A P Theresa set foot on the soil of their new mission field.  It was started by Fr Stanislaus Coelho SJ. The sisters lost no time in launching their ministry and began the classes on the very  next day. The new School cum Convent building was blessed and inaugurated by Bishop Abraham Alangimattathil sdb on 14 March 1977 in the presence of many priests, sisters and people. On this occasion Sisters were blessed and welcomed by the oldest man of the village by offering each of them an Angami traditional shawl. Viswema mission started with a multi-pronged approach, formal teaching in the school, informal teaching after school, house visits, prayers, catechesis, health and hygiene. All possible methods were used in order to have the Gospel preached. The Sisters’ activities were not restricted to Viswema alone, but they reached out to the neighbouring villages,  Kedima, Kezoma, Khuzama, Khezokonoma and others.

The foundation for a new convent building was blessed and laid by Fr Stanislaus Coelho SJ on 23 December 1986, on the death anniversary of the Founder. The new convent was built at the expense of the Congregation and was inaugurated on 4 April 1988 by Bishop Abraham. The management of St Joseph Complex was transferred from the Jesuits through the diocese to the Bethany sisters on 8 September 1986. The first batch of students appeared for the class 8 Board Examination in 1987 with excellent results. The Higher Secondary section was blessed by the Vicar General of Kohima Diocese Fr Neisalhou Carolus and inaugurated by Rev Sr Wilberta, the Superior General, on 22 October 2010.

With the permission of the Bishop, the formation house was opened in 1986. From then on the girls from different parts of North East were kept for “come and see” programme. Sr Lucy Maria was the first Candidates in charge followed by Sr Selina. Later student candidates were kept to pursue their studies along with the training in religious life. Bethany had the joy of having the first vocation from this village in the person of Sr Agatha Vitsu who made her First Profession in 2011. Sr Adu Celine, Sr Teresa Sulahele, Sr Gladys were the fruits of this mission.

Very Close to the School is the hostel. The first hostellers 13 in number joined on 18 July 1977. At present girls from KG to Class 12 are admitted and boys up to Class 4. Most of them are from the neighboring villages where they are deprived of the School facilities. Children are well taken care of and provided ample opportunities for their all round development.

From the very beginning the medical needs of the people were taken care of by the sisters. The sisters started moving out to the Villages with medicine in their little bags. It was with the power of the medicine that the sisters were able to enter the villages where bans against Catholics were imposed repeatedly by the more powerful leaders of the existing Churches. With the passage of time the demands of the mission increased and the activities of the sisters became more organized.  Besides education, medical care and social work also became equally important.  Sr. Alice Thomas was the first full time nurse followed by Sr Marie Celine and others bringing their own expertise and this added quality and quantity to the ministry.

The Superiors who shouldered the responsibility of the mission at Viswema were Sr Noeline, Sr Selina, Sr Ordelia, Sr Chrisette, Sr Carol, Sr Jean Marie, Sr Leena Serrao and at present Sr Harsha. The sisters at Viswema are indebted to the Jesuit Fathers at Loyola Jakhama and Fathers at St Joseph College for their spiritual assistance and all those who had contributed their share to build this mission.

Year of establishment : 11.02.1977



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