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In the year 1967 Bishop Hubert D’Rosario wrote to Mother Macrina, the Mother General, to send sisters to his diocese.  Unfortunately the letter did not reach the Mother General.  Once again he requested Mother General to open two convents one at Kohima and another at Dimapur both in the state of Nagaland.  The ardent invitation of Most Rev Hubert D’Rosario, Bishop of Dibrugarh, met with an equally fervent response from the Superior General who sent a batch of four young and energetic Sisters, Sr Doreen the Superior, Sr Lolitta, Sr Lenice and Sr Gleva.  The convent was formally opened on 17 January 1969.  Thus Bethany ventured into the mission field in Nagaland. As Education was the need of the hour, their immediate task was to assist in the day-to-day administration of the newly opened Holy Cross School. Education was the primary mission taken up by Bethany at Dimapur.

Besides the teaching ministry, sisters took up Hostel ministry gladly in the year 1973. As time passed by, sisters felt the need to improve facilities in the Hostel. So in 2006 a double storied structure was built and the cost was borne by the Generalate

In 1973 a new diocese comprising of Nagaland and Manipur was carved out from the Dibrughar diocese called the Kohima–Imphal diocese. With this new creation there was a spurt of activities in the Region. Rising to the occasion, Sr Aquinas and Sr Therese Simon plunged into what later became the Socio-Medical and Pastoral Apostolate at Dimapur.  In the year 1983 the diocese opened a primary school and named it Christ School in the same campus to meet the needs of the people and one Sister is in charge of it.

In due course, Holy Cross Dispensary was established. It belonged to the Parish but a Sister Nurse was in charge. The sister Nurse along with another Sister was assigned the social and pastoral work. The Medical Apostolate was abandoned in 2010 and the Dispensary was closed down as it was no more relevant due to the mushrooming of medical centres in the town.
Apart from the Educational apostolate the Sisters ventured into socio-medical and pastoral care, hostel ministry, developmental work and Women Empowerment,

In 1988, a weaving centre was set up at Diphuphar village. Some years later another weaving centre was opened at Samaguri. Both are closed down now due to a decline.

At present Sr Carol is the Superior of the house. Sr Manjula and Sr Therese Rothangpuii take care of the pastoral apostolate of the parish. Sr Hildigard, Sr Jessy D’Silva, Sr Susan along with Sr Carol render service in the Holy Cross School.
Year of establishment: 17.01.1969


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