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The Kollangana parish of Mangalore Diocese is in Kasargod deanery in Kerala State. The parish priest Rev Fr Oswald Monteiro of St Thomas Church Kollangana had expressed his desire to the Superior General, Sr Jyoti and requested her to open a convent in his parish to render pastoral and social service to the people of this backward area. Taking into consideration the request of the parish priest the Superior General requested Sr Inviolata the Provincial Superior of Mangalore Province to look into the matter. With the help of the Parish Priest the Provincial Superior was able to locate a suitable place in Nirchal village under Badiyadka Gram Panchayat within a half a KM from the parish and have it purchased with a newly built house and property from Mr Narayana Bhat of Kasargod. It was registered on 17th of July 2002 at Badiyadka Grama Panchayat Registrar’s Office. This is the first Bethany community in Kasargod deanery. Ever since the sisters from Bethany Provincialate Mangalore moved there particularly Sr Agnes Pinto, the Provincial Councillor, has taken great interest to renovate the house by painting and undertaking other repair works.

The mission carried on in Kollangana is teaching in the newly opened English Medium Parochial School, conducting liturgy, teaching catechism, conducting Marian Sodality meetings, cleanliness of the church, conducing Alcoholic Anonymous Meetings, Attending Small Christian Community Meetings, Youth Associations, Pious Associations, women organization, visiting the sick and praying with them.
This convent is surrounded by trees. It contains 5.38 acres of land. It is well taken care of with the help of the workers.  All the sisters work hand in hand in the compound whenever required.

Sisters who served as Superiors;
 2003 - 2006    Sr Patrick BS
 2006 - 2012    Sr Sylvine Sequeira BS
 2012 - 2013    Sr Patrick BS
 2013 - 2015    Sr Irene Fernandes BS
 2015 -    Sr Flavia Wilma BS
Present name of the Superior: Sr M Flavia Wilma Bs

Year of establishment: 28-05-2003

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