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Ozanam home for the aged was started during the international year of the Aged and the Sick in 1982. It was started by St Vincent de Paul Society on 14th December 1982 on the land donated by two generous Quadros sisters of Kallianpur. Now it is a trust run by St Vincent de Paul Society Udupi with the assistance of Bethany Sisters. Dr Gregory D Sa was the previous trust manager and at present Mr Boniface DSouza is managing. At first it was looked after by the SRA Sisters and other two lay wardens.
Bethany made its presence visible on this soil on 16th January 1996 when Sr Christella was the Provincial Superior of Mangalore Province. The mission had a humble beginning with two sisters, namely, Sr Lucian and Sr Carmelita. They were warmly welcomed and accepted by the Director Dr Gregory D Sa and committee members of Ozanam Home. They were entrusted with the responsibility for the internal management. From then on Bethany Sisters serve actively and participate in the mission of Christ through caring, serving and loving the elderly in the evening of their lives.

Sr Lucian, Sr Carmelita, Sr Aloysia, Sr Dominica, Sr Electa, Sr Fidelis and Sr Leena Bennis have rendered their dedicated service here. Their services are remembered and appreciated by the managing committee, inmates and also people of the locality. The membership grew in number and was sizable to be made into a community but there was no proper building to house the sisters and to meet their needs. It was a cherished dream of SVP to provide a new Convent building for the sisters who render their service to the inmates of Ozanam Home. It came into existence in the year 2010 and was canonically erected on 01.06.2011.
Sr Lucian served as the first superior. Thereafter Sr Carmelita, Sr M Hazel BS, Sr Genevira  and Sr Bertina and at present Sr Benignus is the Superior.

The Charism and spirit of Bethany is spelt out among the elderly through their service, such as caring the sick, offering moral support by praying with them and for them, preparing them to receive the sacraments such as Eucharist, confession, anointing of the sick, taking them to the hospitals, looking after kitchen management and maintenance of accounts. They are also involved in the parish activities like catechism classes; ward meeting, family visits etc. The sisters represent the Bethany in the locality and are appreciated for their loving services by all.

The list of superiors who served the Convent;

Sr M Carmelita BS, Sr M Hazel BS, Sr M Genevira BS and Sr M Bertina BS

Present name of the Superior: Sr M Benignus BS

Year of establishment: 07.03.2010

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