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Jalasangi is one of the Centres of the Bidar Mission which brought the love of Jesus to the people of Bidar. In the year 1983 Bishop Basil S D Souza, the then Bishop of Mangalore, invited the Bethany Sisters to collaborate with the Diocese in its missionary endeavours by opening a convent in Jalasangi in Humnabad, one of the five Talukas of Bidar District in Karnataka. In response to this invitation initially Sr Evangelista and Sr Anette were sent to Bidar to team up with four other Sisters belonging to different Congregations serving in the Diocese of Mangalore. On 12th June 1990, three of our Sisters, namely Sr Loyoline, Sr Fidelis and Sr Meena began their mission at Jalasangi, in Bidar.

On 1st November 1994 the new convent building was blessed by Most Rev Bishop Basil D Souza and was named Sevashram.  The need of the hour was pastoral care of the people who wanted to hear the word of God. They teamed up with the diocesan priests in this endeavour. They moved out to nearby villages to share the love of God that they had experienced.  They had the power from God to stand courageously and walk through the thorns and thistles that came in their way.
Side by side the Sisters started literacy programme. They were also to take care of the unwanted lepers who were neglected by the society.  Sisters could understand their heartbeats and started a rehabilitation centre which was named as Daya Kiran. Along with it another institution was born with a broader view to treat all kinds of patients.  It was named as Maria Seva Clinic.  
Sisters also extended their service in the parish by rendering their service to Balasadana, a boarding house for small children.  Sisters also took one more step towards the empowerment of women in Bidar.  The women Development programme became a boon to many women in the villages.

God has protected the Sisters from road accidents as they travelled to and from villages on two wheelers. They were saved from a major short circuit when their transformer had caught fire on 5th August 2006 on a rainy day. The sisters continue their services in the newly carved out diocese of Gulbarga joyfully unto this day.

The following sisters were the animators who headed the convent;
Sr Loyoline BS    1990-1993          Sr Agnesia  BS        1993-1997   
Sr Doris BS        1997-2000          Sr Agnes Pinto BS    2000-2001   
Sr Amitha BS     2001-2007          Sr Flavia Wilma BS    2007-2010   
Sr Amala BS      2010-2016          Sr Bertina BS           2016-2017     

Present Superior   : Sr M Precilla Furtado BS

Year of establishment :12.06.1990

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