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At a far away distance from Mangalore in the Taluka of Bantwal, a village called Nirkan near Vogga one can see on the left side of the main road to Belthangady on the top of the hill the church of St Thomas. On the other side of the church there is the Holy Family Convent established on 28th June, 1970 at the request of Rev Fr Norbert DSouza, the parish priest. The four pioneers namely Sr Doreen, the animator of the house, Sr Avina, Sr Celsa and Thresiamma the maid readily said ‘yes’ to go to the new convent in Nirkan. The sisters started their mission of teaching in the parish school and avail their services in the parish. The parish school St Thomas primary School headed by a layman was not running up to the mark. With a view of improving the school and for spiritual animation of the parish, the parish priest had recourse to Rev Mother Macrina.

The inauguration of the convent took place on 28th June 1970. Around 3.15 pm the arrival of the Bishop of Mangalore Rt Rev Dr Basil DSouza accompanied by the Superior General Rev. Mother Macrina was announced by the loud peal of church bells and joyful cheers of welcome from the little ones who met him at the church gate. The blessing of the convent took place after the Holy Eucharist assisted by Rev Fr Norbert D Souza the parish Priest of Nirkan.

The sisters started their apostolate in the parish with great eagerness.  They took up the charge of St Thomas Primary School.  Sr Doreen as Headmistress with her experience in teaching and Sr Avina who was known for teaching the poor assisting her, set order in the archives of the school and the parish was improved spiritually.  Sr Doreen was the secretary of the parish council.  The Sisters were considered as the soul of the parish.  The strength of the children in the school improved and new teachers were appointed.  Eventually it became the Higher Primary School.  The sisters plunged into active pastoral life.  There was no house left that was not visited by them.  Sunday catechism, daily catechism, parish choir was their responsibility.

The animators were motivating the sisters to involve in the pastoral activities of the parish viz..,  teaching Catechism, animating the pious associations, altar servers and Marian sodality, animating the youth, preparing the children to receive sacraments, participating in small Christian Community meetings, motivating the Mahila Mandal and Sthree Sangatan, visiting the families distributing Holy Communion etc. Two Sisters teach in St Thomas Higher Primary School and one Sister teaches in the Nursery section.

Superiors :
Sr. M Doreen BS        1970 – 1974          Sr. M Leoba BS BS        1974 – 1978
Sr. M Patricia BS        1978 – 1979          Sr. M Clementine BS     1979 –  1982
Sr. M Jacintha BS       1982 – 1985          Sr. M Milburge BS         1985 –  1988
Sr. M Stella BS           1988 – 1992          Sr. M Electa BS             1992 –  1996
Sr. M Joseph Mary     1996 – 2000          Sr. M Sharal BS             2000 -   2003
Sr. M Linice BS           2003 – 2006         Sr. M Venisha BS           2006 –  2009
Sr. M Irene Veigas      2009 – 2012         Sr. M Inviolatha BS         2012 –  2013
Sr. M Jessilyta BS      2013 – 2016          Sr. M Vinitha Pereira      2016 -

Present Superior: Sr M Vinitha Pereira BS

Year of establishment :20.06.1970



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