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Sacred Heart Convent, Neerude, is located near St Roque Parish at Neerude. Rev Fr L.V.M. Fernandes had a great desire to have Bethany Sisters in Neerude. He left Neerude in 1968 and Rev Fr Raymond C Moras took over the parish. He too continued to request the Superior General and his request was granted.

Bethany sisters came to Neerude on July 13, 1967. Sr Helen Mary, Sr Marisa and Sr Avita were the pioneers of this new community. They began their mission by living in rented house of Mr and Mrs Josphine Lobo.  In 1970  the  Parish  Priest  with  the  consent  of the Parishioners donated  one acre  of  land to the Congregation close  to  the  church  cemetery. The new  convent  was  built and  was  blessed  by the Bishop  of  Mangalore  on March 24, 1971. The Superior General Mother Macrina inaugurated the building.

The  sisters  took  up  teaching ministry in the school, conducted needle  work  classes  for  girls, visited  the  families, conducted  classes  for  slow  learners, prepared  the  first Communicants, took  up  Sunday  Catechism,  took  charge  of  various  pious associations  in  the  church, and  prepared  for  the  Holy  Eucharist. There was  a good  rapport  built  with  the  people  and also  encouragement received  from  the parish  priest. As  a  result  Neerude  became  the  cradle  of  vocations  to Bethany and  other  Religious  orders as well.

At present the number of student’s strength has decreased in the school. As a   result, the teaching sisters too are less. There are only four sisters in the community. Out of four only one is teaching in the school. Rest of them are engaged in pastoral apostolate.

Year of establishment    : 13.07.1969

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