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A small village called Kattingeri is situated 16 kilometers away from Moodubelle in Udupi District. The people of Moodubelle are basically agriculturists and cultivate jasmine flowers. It was the keen interest of the parish priest, Rev. Fr Abundius F DSouza to avail the services of Bethany Sisters in the school as well as in St Lawrence Church. Bishop Rt Rev Dr Raymond DMello granted permission for the same. The sisters started their mission in a rented house with 2 rooms, and Bishop Basil S DSouza the then Bishop granted the permission to erect a convent with in the church property.

Two of them began their ministry earnestly by teaching the little ones in the school, catechizing the children both in the school and parish and other pastoral services. The community was erected on 31st may 1964 in the evening. Sr Theresine, the General councillor and Mother Esperie, the Regional Superior, were present on the occasion. Sr Emiline was installed as the superior and Sr Hilda and Sr Fabiola assisted her. Some local people of the locality along with the parish priest were also present. The new mission of hospital ministry was also extended but due to lack of hospital personnel the mission discontinued. Sisters also empowered the women through Mahila Mandals, tailoring classes, leather bag preparation etc.

At present one sister serves in the school. All the sisters participate in the pastoral activities of the church, visit the houses of the locality, attend SCC meetings in the wards, and render their service at the Diocesan level too in spite of the less number. Sisters are happy, contented to serve the Lord with dedication and commitment. They are simple, comfortable with minimum and serve the people in a spirit of handmaid.

Year Of Establishment  :31.05.1964

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