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In the history of Bethany Congregation, that was the Sacerdotal Silver Jubilee year for Rev Fr Santhan Fernandes, the parish priest of Lourdes Church, Kanajar. Impressed by the pastoral services of Bethany Sisters at Christ the King Church Karkal, he thought of giving a silver gift of the presence of Bethany Sisters to his parish and invited them to open a community at Kanajar. Sr Valentine, Sr Denisia and Sr Geraldine willingly accepted to be the pioneers of the convent which was erected on 31st May 1963. Rev. Mgr William A. Lewis, the Vicar General of Mangalore Diocese, blessed the convent situated near the school, which was taken on a rental basis.

The people of the locality were helpful in completing the convent building. Sisters were teaching in the school and also teaching Catechism both in the school and the parish. They were quite enthusiastic and interested in their educational apostolate giving special attention to the slow learners and economically poor children.

Lourdes Convent owes a debt of gratitude to all the Superiors and the valiant women who strove to have God’s plan nurtured and brought it to its present height of efficiency as Headmistress.

Together with Educational and pastoral apostolate in social work, Sahodaya, Bethany Social Service Trust has initiated to organize the women of Ninjoor village as Ashirvad Mahila Mandal. This unit is guided by the sisters of the Lourdes Convent.

Year of establishment    : 31.05.1963



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