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Bethany Congregation had branched out to Puttur, Balkunje, Bajpe and Kinnigoli within ten years of its foundation.  The fragrance of their rootedness in rural areas, and the excellence of the work done by the Bethany Sisters in these places attracted the attention of the Parish Priest of Permannur, Rev Fr Piadade D Souza who was looking for a committed band of Religious Sisters who could take over an elementary school started by Mr Diyog Norenz D Souza on 13th November, 1928.
On 30th June, 1931 Fr Founder Mgr RFC Mascarenhas, Mother Martha, Sr Magdalene and the pioneers Sr Michael, Sr Berchmans, Sr Baptist and the maid Ms Dulcine Bai travelled from Bethany Mother House by train to Permannur. They were delighted by the warmth of welcome accorded by a large assemblage of parishioners of Permannur along with the parish priest Rev. Fr Piadade D Souza who of his own accord handed over the management of the school to the Bethany Sisters.

History furnishes the genesis of Bethany Sisters’ pastoral evolution at Bethel Convent under the auspices of St Sebastian’s Parish Permannur. Active participation in liturgical services, teaching Christian doctrine, preparing the first communicants, organizing the Marian Sodality members, arranging the altar, participating in SCC meetings, visiting families and above all educating the poor and the marginalized, actualized the founding Charism of the Congregation.  This yielded a good harvest of vocations from the soil of Permannur to work for the various plots of the Vineyard of Bethany in India and abroad.
Looking back 75 years is indeed the first major milestone for the inmates of Bethel.  Permannur as a big suburban town has everything one can desire and the fact is that the most visible presence of the Bethany Sisters happens to be in the very centre of that town.  

Providence has blessed the efforts of Bethel Convent from the beginning.  They have felt God’s powerful protection, not merely in the material progress of their work, but also in the marked success of their students in the examination.  Quite a few boys have joined priesthood.  There is no doubt that the students, in gratitude for the kindness they have received and the opportunities for study afforded to them, will ever endeavour to spread the spiritual and intellectual influence which they have themselves imbibed.

Year of Establlishment: 30-06-1931



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