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In the event that resulted in the Sisters of Franciscan Clarist Missionaries of the most Blessed Sacrament leaving Jongksha, the Bethany sisters were invited by Most Rev Bishop Dominic Jala SDB, Archbishop of Shillong to carry forward the mission in 2003. After studying the situation the Provincial Team decided to take up Jongksha mission.

On 6 February 2004 during the Mass, the Holy Cross Fathers, parishioners, and representatives from the neighbouring communities, priests and religious from Diocese, solemnly welcomed Sr Therese Simon Superior, Sr Marina, Sr Teresa Martis, Sr Mable D’silva and Sr Charilin Ryngkhlem.  Sr Canisia, the Provincial Superior canonically erected the new community.

The sisters took up the mission in right earnest and involved themselves in the mission in various capacities. According to the terms and agreement between Bethany and the Holy Cross Fathers, two sisters were for pastoral work which included touring the villages; two sisters teaching in the School that has classes from primary to Higher Secondary; one sister in the healing ministry, working in the existing dispensary.

Good Shepherd Creche was started in 2009 seeing the need of the time. The mothers of Jongksha village are daily labourers. They have many children to be cared for. At present there are 14 children. There are a good number of drop outs and with the help of the ‘world vision’ an NGO, these drop outs are given vocational training and enabled to be self-reliant. Evening Star is an extended ministry of the community. The original objective was to teach the cow boys who had no opportunity to go to school. This venture is also helped partly by the World Vision.  There are 45 students attending evening coaching.

Sisters are also engaged in the hostel ministry catering to the needs of the girls from various far away villages of the parish and neighbouring parishes. At present there are 68 girls in the hostel.

Pastoral ministry is very vibrant and the two sisters tour the village for 20 days in a month. Amidst extreme  cold, tough terrains and meagre food they continue with vigour and enthusiasm.

Jongksha being far out from the city, lacks medical facility. Hence the dispensary and services of the nurse sister is a boon for the people.

Overall the Sisters have built very good rapport with the people, the clergy and the religious circle. People render support and cooperation and encourage the Sisters in their mission.

Year of establishment: 06.02.2004


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