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On the fascinating and breathtaking shores of the Bay of Bengal at Paradip in Odisha is a Majestic light house that offers hope and right direction to hundreds of sailors and fishermen by guiding them to the safe shores. Close to the magnificent light house, stand the Bethany Convent and school as a beacon of light to hundreds of students coming to its portals.

Close to the school is the Paradip Port. The Port authorities requested Rt. Rev. Dr Henry D’Souza, the Archbishop of Cuttak Bhubaneswar Diocese to start an English Medium School by offering land for the school and the Church. The Archbishop then approached Mother Gemma, the then Superior General, with his request. Mother Gemma was happy to receive the offer and a community was erected on 31st May, 1979    in Paradip with Sr Ophelia Tauro (Superior and Principal ), Sr Osline, Sr Roseline D’Souza and Sr Philomen Saldanha  as pioneers. An old Central School building at Sector 21 was repaired and given to the Sisters by the Port Trust for their residence and for the School. Admissions to the school started on 1st June 1979 and 17 students registered their names. On 4th July, 1982 KG classes from Sector 21 were shifted to Madhuban ME Central School and Fr  Atully, the first parish priest of Paradip, blessed the school. On 4th April 1985 KG classes were shifted to the new presbytery which is now used as the residence of the priest and the church, On 21 April 1986, the sisters also shifted to Madhuban and occupied the parish building as their residence.

As the strength of the school increased a better and large building was constructed for the school and on 29th July 1989 the construction of the first floor of the building was completed; and sisters shifted their residence to one of the wings of the School Building. With the untiring efforts of Sr. Innocentia on 1st November, 1986 the school obtained NOC from the State Government and on 19 December 1986, the school received its affiliation to ICSC Board. On 13th November, 2016 His Grace Most Rev. John Barwa, the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Cuttack-Bhubaneswar blessed the newly constructed Convent building in the school campus. The Archdiocese has provided a convent building for the sisters.

Paradip, a cyclone prone costal area, while enjoying the bounties of the sea frequently witnesses its change of moods in the way of strong winds and its deathly fury. On October 29, 1999 one of the worst cyclones which were hit 11 districts of Paradip. The Super Cyclone had left lakhs of people motionless, homeless, orphaned, devastated and shattered. It was at this time of hopelessness and apparent futility of life, that Bethany was called upon to be a light House. Sr Shaila. Sr Justinian, Sr Stella Maria and Sr Agnes Gratia though shattered by the unimaginable destruction worked tirelessly to bring comfort, healing and hope to the survivors.

The social work was a large share of a successful witnessing to the charism of the Congregation. In the post Cyclone period, the sisters at Paradip reached out to the poor and needy in the rural area.  From then on the social work was efficiently and effectively carried on under the leadership of Sr Shaila and then Sr Gracy Gamjya, Sr Gracy Natal, Sr Shanti Priyal and at present Sr Irene. The women of Paradip have become self sufficient and self confident. They are aware of their rights and duties. Together, they have proved to be a boon to the society.

 Bethany verily stands as light house of wisdom, knowledge and hope at the coastal town Paradip. The sisters radiate the divine light and Bethany School is an anchor for the children and people around, during life – threatening cyclonic storms. 
Year of establishment : 31.05.1979


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