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Way back in the 1970s Bangalore and Belgaum regions were set up for better animation and administration. Sr M Theresia was the first regional superior of Bangalore Region and Sr M Lucina that of Belgaum. Sisters Medela, Hyacinth and Esperie were subsequent regional superiors of Bangalore region. In 1980 Bangalore and Belgaum regions were merged to form the East Karnataka Region with Sr M Agnella as the regional superior.

The decision in XI General Chapter of the Congregation saw the birth of 5 Provinces (3 Provinces and 2 Vice Provinces). So Bangalore Province came into existence on 8th June 1986 with Sr M. Dymphna as the first Provincial Superior assisted by four councillors. It had a strength of 286 members in 24 communities. As the membership of Sisters, and the number of communities increased, Western Province was carved out of Bangalore Province in May 2006 taking out 22 communities with 162 members. Bangalore Province retained 19 communities with 170 members, spreading out in the dioceses of Chikmagalur, Shimoga, Mysore and Bangalore. The members are involved in educational, pastoral and social apostolates as well as hostel ministry and health care. Employment opportunities through vocational training centres are provided by Higher Education through P.U colleges. Centre for the differently abled and holistic health centres are the new initiatives. There are 4 PU Colleges, 11 High Schools, 16 Primary Schools, and 14 K.G Schools, one Non-formal education centre, 5 Hostels, 3 Vocational Training Centers, one Pilgrim Center, one Registered Trust 1, run by the Bangalore Province. Sisters serve in 3 Diocesan Schools.  Sr Bonita is the present Provincial Superior assisted by Sr Susan, Sr Sahana, Sr Prescilla  Fernandes and Sr Sharlet Rodrigues.  Sr Therese is the Province Procurator. The Province is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


Regional Superiors:


Sr. Theresia B S

Sr. M. Medela BS

Sr. M. Lucina BS
1971-76 & 1978-80


Sr. M Hyacinth B S

Sr. M Esperie BS

Sr. M. Agnella BS

Bangalore Province under the patronage of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus was solemnly erected by Mother Sylvine the then Super General on 8th June 1986. The baton of adminstarion was passed on to Sr Dymphna by Sr Agnella, the outgoing Regional Superior. Sr Dymphna became the first Provincial Superior of the Bangalore Province.  The Province consisted of twenty four houses spread over the archdiocese of Bangalore, Mumbai and Goa and the dioceses of Mysore, Chickmagalure, Shimoga, Bellary and Karwar. The membership of the province was 286. The first Provincial house was housed at Bethany convent Nandidurga, Bangalore. In the subsequent years Sr Felicia, Sr Bonita and Sr Lilitta were appointed Provincial Superiors of Bangalore province. 


Provincial Superiors:


Sr. M Dymphna BS

Sr. M. Felicia BS

Sr. Bonita BS
2001 -2009


Sr. M Lilitta BS

Sr. Bonita BS

Sr. Sahana BS


On March 1st 1993 New Provincial   house at Kammanahalli Bangalore was blessed by Fr Felix Punnakattuchery SAC and Sr Agnella, the then Superior General inaugurated the building. As the membership and communities increased Western Province was carved out of Bangalore Province in May 2006 taking out 22 communities with 162 members.

At present Sr M Bonita BS, is the Provincial Superior assisted by Sr M Susan BS, Asst. Provincial Superior and Sr M Sahana BS, Sr M Precilla Fernandes BS, Sr Sharlet Rodrigues BS, the Councillors and Sr M Therese BS, the Province Procurator.

Bethany Bangalore has 19 communities.  Bangalore-4, Shimoga-4, Chikmagalur -5, Mysore-6



Sr. M Bonita BS
Provincial Superior


Sr. M Susan BS
Asst Provincial Superior


Sr. M Sahana BS
II Councillor



Sr. M Precilla BS
III Councillor

Sr. M Shalet BS
IV Councillor

Sr. M Therese BS
Province Procurator

Membership: The Province has a total of 195 Sisters rendering service in the Province, Central Delegation and in the Delegation Abroad. We have 5 Novices; 2- Pre-novices; 5 Student Candidates studying in Classes XI and XII and 5 candidates in ‘Come and See’ stage of formation, all hailing from Karantaka.

Dioceses where Sisters serve: Bangalore, Shimoga, Chikmagalur and Mysore

Bethany Sisters in Bangalore Province are engaged in various ministries such as Educational, Pastoral and social apostolates as well as hostel ministry and health care. Employment opportunities through vocational training centers are provided Higher Education through P.U colleges; centre for differently abled and holistic health centre are new initiatives. There are 4 PU.Colleges 11 High schools 16 Primary Schools and 14 K.G Schools, 1 Non-formal education 5 Hostels 3 Vocational   training centers, one Pilgrim Center, Sisters serve in 3 diocesan schools.


  Bethany Provincial House, Bangalore


Provincial and  Team

From Left : Sr Sahana BS, Sr Susan BS, Sr Bonita BS, Sr Precilla BS ,Sr Shalet BS 


Provincialate Community



Sr Sahana BS
Provincial Superior
Sr Precilla Fernandes BS
Asst Provincial Superior
Sr Sharlet Rodrigues BS
II Councillor
Sr Cynthia Pais BS
III Councillor
Sr Winnifred Mascarenhas BS
IV councilor
Sr Helen Rebello BS
Province Procurator
2018 -



 Provincial Superior and Councillors


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