Hearty Congratulations to Sr Lucina on hitting a century.

Amazing Journey…….101!!
Happy 101st Birthday –what an amazing journey you are on!
Living to 101 is a blessing; it brings meaning to the ‘word’ blessing.
You grew up in your warm loving home,
You are more than an incredible woman
You are an inspiration
You’re as sharp and feisty as ever with a true passion for the Lord
And everything that life has to offer –plus
You’re an independent woman who has lived
Happily ever after in the same house of Bethany for 82 years.
If we’re only half as sharp, feisty and passionate as you at 101
We will still be sharper, feistier and more passionate the anyone.
Your brothers, sisters, grand children, great grand children
Who can see you beyond your white hair
You are not only a repository of memories of the past-
But you are someone as alive and vibrant as they are even now.
Yes! Living to 101 is a blessing and we are thrilled to say the least
To celebrate the blessing we have in you.
What a privilege to have you amidst here today
What a trust to love and serve you and what a joy to be with you!
Happy 101 Birthday .Here’s to you and truly special legacy you leave us everyday…

With this sentiment of gratitude and joy we the sisters of Bethany, Jayamahal community celebrated Sr Lucina’s 101 birthday on 8th June 2017along with Sr Bonita our Provincial and the members of the neighbouring community. It’s an exclusive privilege to us by our God to witness the legacy of the Congregation as she is the eldest member of the Congregation.
The Holy Eucharist was officiated by Fr Alwyn sj Indeed it’s an awesome moment to witness her carving 101 birthday cake with a cheerful smile.
Indeed she is an incredible woman!!!!!!!!!

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