We the Bethany Sisters of the Little Flower believe that we have a mandate to enable the young people to be agents of transformation in the church and society. It is an opportunity to work with young people, help them to develop their relationship with God and nurture their faith, and collectively help the wider Catholic community through different associations like YSM, YCS and ICYM and Jesus Youth.  As persons consecrated to God, it is a privilege to share our faith, spiritual experience and Word of God with the youth and be a leaven in their life.

Youth Ministry

Through youth ministry we respond to the spiritual, catechetical and social needs of the people. Faith formation is given importance.  Leadership skills are inculcated. They are prepared for Christian and political leadership.

Umpteen opportunities are created for youth leadership in the parish, Church wards and secular organizations as well.  The youth are the vital strength of the parish/church. They participate actively in the liturgy and spiritual celebrations.

Indeed it is an opportunity to share our God given gifts and wisdom with the youngsters and prepare them for a life of integrity, credibility and witness to the Gospel.


First Convention of Bethany Champions


Participating  Youth Formation


Youth Development with Vocational Training


Youth Training Progamme




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