Tertianship :

Holistic growth unto the fullness of Christ is the aim of Tertianship. This year 24 tertians are accommodated in Gurpur at Rosa Mystic the garden of our Lady’s choice and most loved place of our Father Founder. Rosa Mystica is blessed with a new structure and greenery all around has a formative environment, which facilitates the growth of the tertians.  Rosa Mystica enables the tertians to appreciate the original spirit of Bethany that is vibrant through the praiseworthy life of our elderly sisters, the presence of the Novices, children in the hostels and with many spiritual activities that take place in this campus. To be in Rosa Mystica is a blessing to our Tertians with its spacious ground and quiet environment.
As per the syllabus of Tertianship in line with ‘Ratio” the recourse person are invited and detailed programme is prepared. The tertians have their own common time-table with three hours of classes every day, sufficient time for meditation, prayer, personal reflection, assimilation, manual work and recreation etc., all of which aimed at their all round development. Sr Sahana the Tertian Directress and Sister in-charge and Sr. Namrita Assistant Directress guide the tertians.



Rosa Mystic Tertiate Kinnikambla


 Sr Sahana BS Directress with her team  Sr Namrita BS, and Sr Laetitiabeth BS and Tertians 2016-2017



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