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The God touches and reaches out… this has been the experience as we the mission in Tanzania.

The Bishop Rogarth Kimaryo the Bishop of Same Diocese, Tanzania made a personal visit to Bethany Generalate in 2014 and extended an invitation to begin a mission in the said Diocese. In the view of new foundation Sr Wilberta the then Superior General accompanied by Sr Lillis, the Asst Superior General, in October 2013 to the diocese.

Seeing the need of our presence in the diocese the Superior General came to the decision to have a first foundation in the parish Of Mwanga in 2013 to participate in the apostolic mission of the church through educational and pastoral apostolate.

Sr Lillis, the asst Superior General, and Sr Christine, the Procurator General, paved the way to the mission on 9th Feb 2013 with the earnest desire by undertaking various responsibilities of identification of land, formalities of registration of Society and Trust with the help of Bishop Rogarth Kimaryo, Fr Abedi, the then Vicar General, Ursuline Sisters, SVD Fathers from Arusha and officials of Mwanga and Dar Es Salaam.

The sisters were expected to attend to all the challenges facing them and they took it up with determination. They were able to accomplish much as per the requirements of the existing Regulation in Tanzania.

Fr Peter, the parish priest of Divine Mercy Church, welcomed us warmly to the parish to begin the new mission.
Sr Antonette and Sr Ruth Ann joined to the mission on 8th April 2013 to continue the infant mission. On 4th July, Sr Zeena and Sr Jasmani joined to the mission.

Our Congregation was officially registered on 15th May 2013 with the Name THE SOCIETY OF THE SISTERS OF THE LITTLE FLOWER OF BETHANY, TANZANIA and TRUST on 28th May 2013 respectively. We also registered Bethany Girls’ Secondary School in view of education the less fortunate girl children from the country of Tanzania.

On 16th July 2013 community was canonically erected by Sr Wilberta, the former Superior General, on 92 anniversary of our foundation of the Congregation.

Our mission: In Mwanga we are mainly involved in the educational hostel and the pastoral ministry. Our infant school is a residential school which has reached Form Three catering to 170 girls.

Year of establishment: 16.07.2013


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