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Bethany Convent, Muritz/Waren in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the Archdiocese of Hamburg in East Germany was initiated, On 2nd October 2020 the Feast of Guardian Angels, being the 16th community of Delegation Abroad.

Mr Douglas Fernando the Manager of the Petrus Werk invited the Bethany Sisters to work in the Rehabilitation clinic Müritz, which was was visited by Sr Rose Celine the Superior General together with her councillor Sr Shanthi Priya, Sr Carmella the Delegation Superior and Sr Walburga from Berlin community in 2018. Thereafter the proposal was discussed in the Delegation Council and was accepted by the General Council. The Archbishop of Hamburg sent his Vicar General Herr Bonekamp and Sr Gudrun who was in charge of the Religious in his diocese to visit the sisters in Laurentius Aachen Germany, to get in touch with the congregation and were delighted to meet the sisters. Sr Blecilla from Dülken also was present on the occasion who would pioneer the mission in Müritz.

On 1st October, feast of the Little Flower of Jesus, Sr Carmella the Delegation Superior, Sr Latha the Asst. Delegation Superior along with Sr Blecilla, Sr Juliana and Sr Shanthi were accompanied from Berlin by Dr Fernando who invited the sisters to Müritz and Frau Shamberg drove the sisters to the place. On arrival Mr Gleifuß, the Director of the clinic, Mrs Agarwal Sonia, person in charge of the marketing accorded a warm welcome to the sisters. Subsequently a few issues pertaining to the mission, transport and registration etc. were discussed with the responsible persons.

Müritz Clinic has 240 beds, having medical departments in Orthopaedic, Rheumatology, Cardiology, Urology, Oncology, Nephrology, Transplantations Dialyse and Ambulant Therapies. Sr Juliana and Sr Shanthi Preethi serve as Nurses and Sr Blecilla renders pastoral care to the patients.

On 2nd October, Holy Eucharist was celebrated in the parish church dedicated to the Holy Cross, managed by the Franciscan Brothers, with great joy and gratitude for the special gift of the new mission. Brother Martin Walz officiated the Holy Mass. Sisters from Berlin community along with Dr Fernando were present on the occasion. Brother Maritn Walz along Mrs Rita Lichtner, the parish council representative offered floral welcome to the sisters before commencing the Holy Mass. During Mass Sr Carmella, the Delegation Superior read the Decree of erection of the Sr Rose Celine, the Superior General. Parishioners were happy to have the presence of Sister’s after the congregation of Marein Sisters had discontinued their services in the year 2014.

At 11.30 p.m. of Sr Blecilla was installed as the new Superior, by Sr Cermella during the hour of prayer. Thereafter Sr Blecilla, Sr Juliana and Sr Shanthi Preethi, the pioneers were congratulated and thanked for saying yes to the Will of God and for accepting this new mission trusting in God and our Blessed Mother.

Year of Establishment: 02.10.2020



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