St Therese of Lisieux -Patroness of the Delegation Abroad.

“Bethany will one day be international,” was the cherished dream and a prophecy of our beloved Founder Monsignor Raymond Francis Camillus Mascarenhas. It came true when the first Bethany community was erected in Rome in August 1970, in the 50th year of Bethany’s existence. Since then slowly and steadily Bethany is continuing to spread over the continent of Europe and Africa.

The Delegation abroad which was called Europe Delegation until 2005 was formally erected on 11.12.1997, by the Superior General Sr Agnella.  

Delegation Abroad serves in two continents of Europe and Africa.

In Europe there are 11 communities in three different countries. In Germany there are 5 communities, St. Laurentius in Laurensberg, St. Cornelius in Dülken, St. Antonius in Waldniel and Marienhospital in the diocese of Aachen.  One Bethany community is in Berlin in the diocese of Berlin.  The main Apostolate of these communities in Germany is nursing the sick and the aged in the hospital and in the home for the aged.  In Italy there are 4 communities.  Russicum community in the Diocese of Rome,  Bethany community in the diocese of Brescia,  Bethany community in Aquaviva and Bethany Caritas community in San Benedetto del Tronto.  Both these communities are in the same diocese of San Benedetto del Tronto.  These communities are engaged in different apostolates.  In Russicum, Rome, Sisters serve in the Jesuits' house. In Brescia they do Geriatric nursing care in the home for the aged; in Aquaviva they do community nursing and Pastoral Apostolate; and in Caritas Community Sisters serve the poor with food, clothing, counselling, medical care etc. In France there are 2 communities.  Bethany community in Sarcelles and in Cormeilles-en-Parisis.Both are in the diocese of Pontoise.  Both the communities are mainly involved in the pastoral apostolate.  

In Africa there are 3 communities in two countries: Mauritania and Senegal.  In Mauritania there are two communities each, in Nouakchott and Noudhibou in the diocese of Nouakchott, and one in Senegal in the diocese of St. Louis.  These communities extend their service in the hospital, schools, crèche, social work centers and in the Pastoral apostolate.  

At present there are 61 sisters in the Delegation Abroad rendering service in various fields.


Sr M Carmella BS
Delegation Superior
2013 -2017


Sr M Irene Sequeira BS
Delegation Superior
2005 – 2013
Sr M Blecilla BS
Delegation Superior
1997 – 2005


Delegation Team: 1997- 2000
Sr. Blecilla        -    Delegation Superior
Sr. Irene Sequeira    -    I Councillor
Sr. Smitha        -    II Councillor
Sr. Jolinta        -    III Councillor.

Delegation Team: 2000- 2005

Sr. Blecilla        -    Delegation Superior
Sr. Irene Sequeira    -    I Councillor
Sr. Jolinta        -    II Councillor
Sr. Prasad        -    III Councillor.

In 2005 the name of Europe Delegation was changed into Delegation Abroad.

Delegation Team: 2005- 2009

Sr. Irene Sequeira    -    Delegation Superior
Sr. Carmella        -    I Councillor
Sr. Latha        -    II Councillor
Sr. Prasad        -    III Councillor

Delegation Team: 2009- 2013

Sr. Irene Sequeira    -    Delegation Superior
Sr. Carmella        -    I Councillor
Sr. Latha        -    II Councillor
Sr. Blecilla        -    III Councillor

Delegation Team: 2013- 2017

         Sr M Carmella      -    Delegation Superior
Sr M Blecilla    -    I Councillor
Sr M Lucy Maria  -    II Councillor
Sr M Jossy Maria -    III Councillor
Sr M Ilene BS - Province procurator


Delegation Team: 2017-2021

Sr M Carmella - Delegation Superior
Sr M Latha  - I Councillor
Sr M Lucy Maria  - II Councillor
Sr M Anitha Martis  - III Councillor
Sr M Jossy Maria  - IV Councillor


 Delegation Team: 2021-2025


Delegation Superior and Councillors


Sr Latha BS
Delegation Superior
Sr Irene Sequeira BS
Asst. Delegation Superior
Sr Ignatia BS
II Delegation Councillor
Sr Daisy Maria Bs
III Delegation Councillor
Sr Smitha BS
IV Delegation Councillor
Sr Ilene BS
Delegation Procurator












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