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 The missionary sisters of our Lady of Africa also known as ‘white sisters’,  who were serving in the mission of Nauadhibou, because of the decline in vocations to their congregation, had a plan to close down the community. They informed the Bishop that they will not be able to continue the mission. Hence the Bishop forwarded this idea to our superior General Sr Jyoti and requested her to open another community in Nouadhibou in Mauritania.

In submission to the Divine Providence and in response to the invitation of the most Rev. Bishop Martin Happe of the Diocese of Nouakchott, Sr Jyoti, the Superior General gave the permission to have a community in Nouadhibou in the Diocese of Nouakchott.  The community was erected on 8th December 2003 the feast of Immaculate Conception by Sr Jyoti herself. Sr. Blecilla, the delegation superior, was present on this occasion. Sr Benignus was appointed superior of the community.  She began her service in the regional hospital of Nouadhibou. Sr Ignatia was a member.

At present the community has three members. Sr Shashi, Sr Alisha  and Sr  Nilima.  Sr Shashi is the superior of the community and is involved in the medical apostolate.  Sr Alisha is in charge of the kinder garden and the crèche and Sr Nilima is involved in the social apostolate working with migrant women and poor drop out girls.

Opened on 08.12.2003

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