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 In 1995, Bishop Martin HAPPE was nominated as the new bishop of the diocese of Nouakchott. He contacted Sr Agnella, the Superior General of the Bethany Congregation inviting Bethany Sisters to his diocese. As Bethany was to celebrate its Platinum Jubilee and also in a years’ time it would be the death centenary of St. Therese of Lisieux, our second Patroness to be declared the Doctor of the Church, Bethany was inspired and wished ardently to begin a new mission in the continent of Africa as her gift to the church.  Sr Agnella meanwhile called for volunteers through circulars and finally the choice fell on:

1. Sr Marie Celine 2. Sr Celsa Vittiku  3.Sr Lenita  Manuel  4.Sr Ignatia  D’souza.
On 7.4.1997 the convent was erected on the Feast of the Annunciation of our Lord, a special feast of the congregation by Sr Jyoti. Sr. Celsa was appointed as the Superior of the newly opened community. This Installation took place in St Joseph’s of Apparition Convent itself where they were accommodated for one month and four days. The day began with the prayer at 6.00am followed by Mass at 7.00 am officiated by Bishop Martin HAPPE the Bishop of Nouakchott and the parish priest Fr. Guy Daniel (French). The Bishop expressed his joy in having the Indian sisters in his diocese. Bishop emphasized once again to the sisters that by our presence we are to witness the values of Christ and to live them in this Republic Islamic country.

On 8th May, the sisters came to live in a spacious house which was rented by the Bishop to serve as our residence till a new building was constructed. On 19th May, 1997 the Bishop along with three other priests and the sisters of various communities and a catholic family celebrated Mass and reserved the Blessed Sacrament in a room which was set apart as a Chapel.

As our sisters were living in the rented house they took turns to live in different communities to learn French and to have the  community experience and thus to visit the working places of sisters in order to have a some idea of the  mission of the place. They also continued attending the French classes at Alliance Française at Nouakchott.
After this initial orientation progrmme Sr. Ignatia went to work in kinder garten as a Directress in the month of September. This Kinder Garten belongs to the diocese. It was till then managed by the French lay people as this kinder garten was catering service mainly to the Expatriates. All her teaching staff was French lay people. Among the 150 children the vast majority were Europeans and Africans and a few Mauritanians.

Sr. Lenita went to Caritas to render her service in Women’s self help groups as she was a trained Social Worker. She was the first religious to work in Caritas who was also paid by Caritas project.

Sr Celsa went to the needle work centre run by white sisters. Sr Carmen was in charge of the centre. She introduced  Sr Celsa for needlework and the women of the area benefitted by her classes for 7 years while she was in Nouakchott.

Sr Marie Celine worked in Government hospital in the pediatric ward. She rendered her free service as the services of the religious were not paid by the hospital. Due to ill health Sr Marie Celine returned to India in the year 2000.

Little by little the sisters became part of the country and the mission. They gained confidence. Since then two by two sisters joined them always having the same itinerary i.e. three months stay in Paris to learn French and to get in touch with the French church and then coming to Mauritania. They are: Srs Benignus and Daisy, Sr Anita Martis, Srs Molly Anna and Celine, Sr Shashi and Rosewin, Sr Nilima, Sr Alisha, Sr Saritha and Sr Mary Grace Kujur. Slowly as for the wish of the sisters, the congregation discerned to open a second community in Nouadhibou in 2003. This is situated 480 kms from Nouakchott and after few years in 2010 another community in Saint-Louis Senegal. The first house in Nouakchott has served as a cradle to welcome our sisters who were coming from Paris for mission in these communities. This house has served to initiate the members to their future mission in every domain.

Other than the educational, social and medical apostolate, the present community is actively involved in the pastoral apostolate too where sisters coordinate catechism, animate a group of young children in promoting vocations, altar servers sodality, women’s association, family visits and making the liturgy more meaningful by the apt altar decoration.

Year of establishment : 07.04.1997


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