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In the year 2005 when the diocese of Nouakchott celebrated its 40 years of presence in Mauritania, Sr Jyoti, the then Superior General, Sr Assumpta the General Councillor and Sr Irene, the Delegation Superior were present for the same. Prior to this celebration there was the Episcopal Conference of Bishops from West African Region in Nouakchott.  Msgr Ernest SAMBOU, the Bishop of Saint Louis in Senegal was also present for this occasion.  He then approached Sr Jyoti, the Superior General and expressed his desire to have the presence of Bethany sisters in his diocese. His desire resulted in constant communication with Sr Jyoti. 
The mission expected from us, the Bethany Sisters in this diocese, was health care and education.  For this purpose the diocese had built a dispensary in the year 2008. To get acquainted with the medical treatment and procedures in this country, in 2009, Sr Kripa one of the pioneers did three months exposure in the Regional Hospital of Saint Louis. During her exposure programme she stayed with the Sisters of Saint Coeur de Marie (Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Mary).  She also spent one month with the Spiritine Sisters and worked in their dispensary with them.

The birth of this new mission thus took place on the 7th October 2010, on the feast of Our Lady of Rosary.  The convent building was not complete when the sisters arrived in Saint Louis. Therefore, the new community was erected in the Bishop’s house by Sr Irene, the then Delegation Superior. Sr Molly Anna was installed as the Superior, Sr Kripa and Sr Jeena Kurian as the members of this community, in the presence of Sr Carmella, the Delegation Councillor. Until the completion of the Convent building the sisters were accommodated with the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary near the Parish Church. It was on the 17th November that the three sisters moved to the new house.

If the mission in Mauritania was Bethany’s Platinum Jubilee gift to the Church, the new venture in Senegal was a meant to mark the 50th Death Anniversary of our Revered Founder RFC Mascarenhas. The community consisted of only three sisters at its inception. Sr Prasad joined the community as sister- in-charge in June 2012 and Sr Mary Grace as member in December 2013. Currently the community members are Sr Prasad, Sr Kripa, Sr Anitha D’Souza and Sr Jeena Kurian. The Sisters are actively engaged in Pastoral, Medical and Education ministries.

Year of establishment : 07.10.2010


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