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The Bethany Sisters started the new mission at Caritas on first July 2014 with  Sr Smitha as the Superior; Sr Vijaya, and Sr Tharsis as members.  Sr Adu Celine (nurse) joined the community in September 2015 to render her service at the clinic of Caritas. The Sisters are happy to work for the poor people. While they live the Charism of the Congregation, they carry on the mission in this house of the diocese and play an important role to extend the compassionate love to the least and the marginalized.
Sr Smitha,  Sr Vijaya and Sr Adu Celine together with the volunteers, render service at Caritas, mainly to the migrants and refugees. They welcome them  warmly and extend their kind hospitality to anyone who comes to Caritas, render their joyful service at the centre, meeting people and listening to them, serve the food in the refectory for the poor people on a daily basis. The sisters are also in charge of the chapel, laundry, store room, offering accommodation for a short period, for the ladies who come with the different problems, listening to their woes, supporting them through prayers etc. Sr Adu Celine along with the other volunteers renders services at the clinic. She also gives assistance to the doctors while visiting the patients.
Sr Tharsis works at the Bishop’s house on a full time basis. She maintains the house and accomplishes all other services for the Bishop with great commitment and dedication. 

Year of establishment : 01.07.2014


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