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The home for the aged called Fratelli Porta is situated around 600 km away from Rome in the Northern  part of Italy,  at a place called Nuvolera, in the district of Brescia, province of Lombardia. This house is located in a beautiful place surrounded by hills and variety of marble mountains. Brescia is also the birth place of Pope Paul VI, who raised our Congregation to the pontifical status in1971. We belong to the parish of St  Lawrence, Nuvolera which has around four thousand Catholics; they are simple and social. Although this house was opened to welcome people belonging to the parish of Nuvolera, it welcomes people of other places too and has facility to accommodate 32 inmates.   
The property in which the house is situated is being donated by 2 brothers who are known as ‘ Fratelli Porta’ to their uncle who was called ‘ Giuseppe Filippini’ with the intention of  making use of it for a good purpose, that is,  mainly for the poor of the locality.As per their desire, this house was modified and is established as the home for the aged in 1954 and was given to the Franciscan sisters to administer. As years passed by, due to  lack of vocations those sisters were not able to carry on their mission any longer. At this juncture, Dott.  Filippini, the then president was searching for another religious congregation to entrust the mission with.

The plan of God for Bethany at Nuvolera was brought to light on the 16th of July 1998, through the instrumentality of Don Gianni, an Italian priest, and a great friend of  Dott. Filippini who happened to be a pilgrim guest at Casa Domitilla, where our sisters were rendering service.  He revealed the desire and plan of his friend Dott. Filippini, to Sr Smitha the local Superior of Casa Domitilla. There after Mr. Filippini the president contacted Sr Smitha directly expressing his desire of having our presence amidst the elderly. So, on Oct 1st 1998 Sisters Prasad and Tharsis, the pioneers of this mission, were officially welcomed to Nuvolera. They were affiliated to the community of Rome for two years.

On Jan 1st, 2001, the first day of the third Millennium, the community was canonically erected in the parish of Nuvolera, in the diocese of Brescia with Sr Angelita as the local superior and sisters Tharsis, Janet and Isabella as the first community members.

At present Sr Jossy Maria is the Local superior and Sisters Angelita, Shanthi, Nilima and Lilly are the members. The Sisters serve the 32 inmates of this home for the aged. Most of them are disabled and completely depending on our assistance. They give them nursing care, take care of the laundry, chapel, refectory etc.     One among the sisters, assists in teaching catechism for the children in the parish. As and when possible The Ssiters visit the neighbouring families, especially pay visit to the mortal remains of the parishioners and pray with those family members, participate in their funeral Mass etc, Sisters take part in the in different types of meetings such as- catechist meeting, parish council meeting, prayer meetings, lent and Advent reflections at the parish and diocesan level etc. In this way we try to get involved in the parish activities.

Year of establishment : 01.10.1998



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