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In the event of the closing of our community at Casa Domitilla Rome, a new place was found for Bethany at Pontificio Collegio Russicum, just in front of one of main Basilicas of Rome- Santa Maria Maggiore, in the year 2009.

Sister Irene the Delegation Superior of the Delegation Abroad felt a great need to have a house in Rome. Therefore sisters contacted our Bethany benefactor Mgr. Kasteel and with his direction ventured out to meet Mgr. Giacome to seek for another possibility, on the process they have happened speak to Mgr. Natalino Zagotto too.

So, on 11th September 2008, on the closing day of the community at Casa Domitilla Rome, Sister Irene the Delegation Superior along with Sister Geetha, the superior of Casa Domitilla and Sister Angelita went to meet Mgr. Natalino Zagotto the Episcopal Vicar for Religious, Rome. He presented to the sisters, the request offered by the rector of the Pontificio Collegio Russicum Fr Louise Cvikel… S.J., who was badly in need of some Congregation to take up the work at Collegio. Thus we realised the hands of the Divine providence in our need.

This Pontifical Collegio Russicum is a formation house where the young men of Byzantine rites, mostly from Russia and eastern Europe, who are aspiring to be priests as well as some young priests who are studying for their future ministry are accommodated.

On the 15th of December 2008, Sister Angelita and Sister Sylvinlatha, began to learn the work from the Sisters from Ukraine, who were residing till then at Collegio Russicum and were rendering their service.  We officially began our mission in this new house on January 1st 2009.

The Sisters were to manage the entire kitchen department and the refectory, and also to take care of the Greek Catholic Church and the Latin rite chapel.

February 2nd 2009 was a great day for us sisters of Casa Betania, Russicum as the community was erected with the solemn Eucharistic celebration officiated by the Rector of the Collegio. Sister Irene the Delegation Superior and Sister Jolinta were present on this occasion. Sister Angelita the local superior, Sisters Fabiola, Prisca, Sylvinlatha and Ruth were the members of this new community.

It is not just our service that is counted but being a community of different rites, we become a witnessing presence to the inmates of the house. It became coincidence that St. Therese of Child Jesus our second patroness, who prayed for the conversion of Russia is the patroness of this Collegio too.

Year of establishment:02.02.2008

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