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On 3rd November 2008 the Bethany Sisters landed in the capital city of Germany. They truly ventured into the dark, trusting in the providence of God. Bethany has given herself over a time of 40 years in the care of the elderly in the west of Germany. Bethany extended her services to the east of Germany when the Sisters arrived at Avila Campus together with Sr. Irene, the then Delegation Superior of the delegation abroad and Sr.Carmella, the then Asst Delegation Superior.
This call came through the instrumentality of late Fr Thomas Baretto OCD in Linz Austria, when he met Sr. Irene, the Delegation Superior of the Delegation Abroad.  Fr. Baretto was a Mangalorean Priest, an old student of Bethany Sisters. He introduced her to Mr. Douglas Fernando, a private investor and a builder of the AVILA management in collaboration with the Carmelite Fathers (OCD), of Germany/Austria. His desire was to have the religious presence in St. Tresa’s campus and at the same time, sisters could render their services in nursing the elderly. In St. Tresa’s campus, there was a church, which could not maintain by the Diocese and was demolished by the investors. On this site, Bethany sisters are residing to continue the Praise of God.

On 3rd Nov. 2008 Sisters Primrose, Walburga and Geetha pioneered the new community, Sr Primrose as the Sister in charge. At present, Sister Walburga, the Superior of the community works along with the Malteser in the Campus for the senior citizens of St. Tresa, also called Avila Park and Sr Raji Maria is rendering her service to the elderly sisters at Alt Vaterstasse in Schlachten See Berlin. The old age home belongs to the sisters of St. Elisabeth. Sr. Primrose is offering her services from 2009 in the hospital at Tempelhof, which belongs to St. Elisabeth sisters. The management of the hospital is taken over by the lay Staff while the Congregation faces Vocation crisis.  The sisters meet the spiritual needs of patients.

Year of establishment : 03.11.2008


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