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As the closing of the first house Marienheim which was opened before 21 years was in progress, God provided us in His providence an opportunity to open one house in Waldniel. The assistant priest of Waldniel Fr. Braun put in a word to Pastor Wilhelm Koerschegens who was then parish priest of Waldniel and Deschant Wilhelm Kursawa. They in turn considered it as a privilege and wanted to avail the services of the sisters. Surprisingly enough the parish church got the permission and the funds needed to open one old age home. This was a co- incident.

So on October 1st 1994 on the feast day of St. Therese of Lisiuex, our 2nd patroness of our congregation, and on a Saturday a day dedicated to our Blessed Mother sisters had the welcoming ceremony at St. Antony`s hospital. Together with our Superior General Sr. Agnella and St Lillis assistant Superior General and the sisters of our convents in Germany were invited. At 6.00 p.m. the Eucharist was celebrated after which a sumptuous meal was served. After a short entertainment our parish priest Pastor Wilhelm Koerschgens presented Sr. Jolinta, the superior of the community, a beautiful picture of our lady. The parish priest thanked Sr. Agnella our Superior General for availing the services of the sisters. In return Sr. Agnella thanked the parish priests and leaders of the parish on behalf of the congregation.

Sr Maggie and Sr Veera were to be  the members of newly opened community and Sr. Carmella and Sr. Alphonsine who were studying the nursing were to join this community. For 3 years sisters  worked in the hospital as our old age home was not yet finished.

On 15th of November 1996 newly built old age home “St. Michael” was furnished and was ready to receive the inmates. Our number of sisters in the community increased to 5 and later Sr. Alphonsine after completing her nursing joined the community. This old age home offers for 80 inmates men and women and 10 beds for short time care. Our old age home facilitates with all the concerns and needs of  modern techniques. 

In 2013 April 9th sisters moved to the new house of the parish. Since they had to vacate the residence in the hospital  in which they were residing which was bought by the private owner.

The seed which was sown before 20 years has grown into a tree. We are very grateful for all the sisters those who have served for the past 20 years. We are grateful for the presence of Sr Prashanth, Sr Prameela, Sr Antoneta and Sr Vincy who render their services at present. Together with Mary we sing the praises of God for all the mighty works that He has done and we remain grateful to God.

 Year of establishment :01.10.1994   



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