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It was the dream of Mr Willi Thoneik, the Administrator of St Cornelius Hospital, Dülken to promote a capable team to work in the Hospital , and to have a home for the aged under the same management .

Not only the Hospital, but also the whole locality showed great interest in the care of the elderly. Nursing care and Hospital treatment was the need of the hour. However, this was lacking at the local as well as well as the regional level, since the Senior Citizens, who were in need of care, did not have a home within a reasonable distance. The old hospital complex which was lying vacant was converted into a home for the senior citizens in order to meet the existing need.
Our Sisters, under the leadership of Sr Loyola, were rendering exemplary service in Marienheim and the Hospital authorities were pleased with the service of these Sisters. This positive impression was of advantage to invite the Sisters, to work in the Home for the aged, in Dülken.
Mr Willi Thoneik was inspired to invite the Bethany Sisters to nurse the elderly, in the newly opened St Cornelius Seniorenhaus. On 14 April 1986 this dream was fulfilled. Sister Jolinta Pinto, the Animator, Sister Irene Sequeira and Sister Leena Rodrigues were the first members of St Cornelius Community.

The Community was canonically erected on 16 July 1986. The old age home  they were going to serve had 60 beds in the nursing care department and 20 beds  in the residential unit. Later, in the year 2002 it was increased into 72 beds. All these years we have served many sick and the aged and today there are 72 Inmates, whom we love and comfort in the evening of their life.

The Sisters were primarily occupied with the nursing care. As the need grew, Sr Ottilia, Sr Prasanth and Sr Dorothy joined the Community. Sister Jolinta was the animator and the administrator. In 1994, Sr Blecilla was entrusted with the responsibility of Animator and was placed in charge of the nursing department. As ordained by Divine Providence, Sister Blecilla was Chosen for greater responsibility. In 1998 she was appointed Delegation Superior for the Delegation Abroad. In the year 2005 Sr Irene Sequeira was entrusted with the responsibility of Delegation Superior which she successfully completed serving two Terms.
Besides providing nursing care to the sick and the old, the Sisters also offer their service in the pastoral apostolate of the parish. They have joined “the Emmaus Group” who regularly visit the prisoners.

St Mathias Pilgrimage group, and Catholic Association of the women regularly visit the prisoners. Communion Service to the aged is organized by the Parish on alternative Saturdays in the Chapel.

Year of establishment - 14.04.1986

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