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The St Laurentius community was erected on 03.09. 1979 in the diocese of Aachen in Germany. Mother Gemma, the Superior General of the Congregation, heeding to the earnest request of the parish priest Wilhelm Jansen, sent the Sisters to Laurensberg- Aachen. The pioneers: Sister Jolinta, Sister Marie Veera, Sister Eucharia, Sister Jacintha Herald and Sister Sabitha ventured into the new task, trusting in the providence of God. The parish priest and his assistant Pastor Voß, the present parish priest, and the parishioners at Laurensberg, cordially welcomed the Sisters. They were initiated to the apostolate of the sick and elderly. With undaunted courage our Sisters marched into the unknown to continue the mission of the Franciscan Sisters of Aachen known as “Armen Schwestern von Hl. Franzikus” popularly known as “Schervier Schwestern” who were rendering their services for past 15 years to the people of the parish, could not afford to continue due to lack of vocations.

Many Bethany Sisters have served in different capacities. The parish priest and parish council wanted that this senior citizens home should be under the leadership of Bethany Sisters. Accordingly, we enjoy the constant support from them specially in challenging situations. We had the joy of celebrating Golden Jubilee of the institute in 2013 and Silver Jubilee of Sisters being in Laurensberg in 2004. Over the years, this institute is modernized 3 times.

Today Bethany in Laurensberg can look back into the past 37 years with gratefulness to God for the challenging years but also fruitful years on the soil of Germany. There are 72 inmates and 66 staff who render their loving services to the inmates in different departments. Under the leadership of Bethany Sisters the institute runs very well, we have built up a good rapport in the locality. The House is equipped with modern facilities. It has 66 single rooms with sanitary facilities and 5 double bed rooms. There are eight common rooms with integrated kitchen, in which inmates and the relatives can relax and celebrate. The elderly and sick are very appreciative of Sisters presence and their selfless and professional services.

Sr. Carmella, Sr. Latha, Sr. Ilene, Sr. Dorothy, Sr. Nirmala, Sr. Savitha and Sr. Shaina are the present members of the community.  Sr. Carmella the Delegation Superior resides and gives her selfless services to the delegation apart from her responsibility as administrator of the institute.  This community accommodates many of the visitors including Sisters who are our guests.

We are grateful to God for providing us this opportunity to serve the elderly and the sick in Germany. We are beneficiaries of good amount of donation for the congregation and for our mission. Our grateful hearts whisper a prayer to all German citizens for their care and concern of us.

Year of establishment - 03.09.1979   


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